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Glee Recap, “The Break Up”


You get a break up! And you get a break up! Ryan Murphy hurt the feelings of everyone who still cares about this show, but it kind of needed to happen. Every major couple, one I forgot existed, and another that barely happened, all went through a big break up. In the process, ‘Glee‘ ruined a couple of the best “it’s not you, it’s me” songs from the 90;s. If none of the characters get to be happy, I guess the viewers can’t either.

So let’s break down “The Break Up” by couple:

Finchel (Rachel and Finn)

Showing up in NYC unannounced after not speaking to anyone for months seemed to be the final straw that broke Finchel’s back. Finn was discharged from the Army after he accidentally shot himself in the leg, and he’s been lost ever since. Rachel tries her best to convince him, and herself, that maybe he would do well in Manhattan with her. After sitting in on one of her classes at NYADA, she invites him out to a piano bar where he has to sit and watch her sing with Brody. Finn asks her about the kiss between the two, but did he really expect her to wait around for him after he hadn’t talked to her since they graduated? He flies back home to Lima where he re-connects with Mr. Schue and the club. Rachel flies back to meet him (because apparently these kids have a lot of miles saved up), and she meets Finn on the stage they once shared and where he proposed to her. While they still love each other, Rachel decides that they are better off apart. They could always get back together, but I think Rachel is better off in New York with Brody.

Klaine (Kurt and Blaine)

Kurt has too busy with his new job to talk to Blaine, so the former Warbler hops a plane to the Big Apple to see his boyfriend in person. He wasn’t supposed to visit for another 2 weeks, but Kurt was more happy to see him than Rachel was to see Finn. After an awkward and emotional performance at the bar, they take a walk in the park where they have their breakup not far away from Finchel’s. Turns out that while Kurt was away, Blaine had a fling with someone else. Devastated, Kurt admits that he had temptations too, but never cheated because he knew it would hurt him. Blaine tries to apologize later with a bouquet of flowers, but it doesn’t work. So it seems as if this one is done for good.

Brittana (Brittany and Santana)

This one was kind of weird. Santana visits Brittany whenever she can (usually when she comes home to do laundry), but realizes that long distance relationships can be hard. Brittany has been reading those “Left Behind” books and joins a Rapture Club, which doesn’t go over well with the other members of the club, where she witnesses one girl have a fit because she thought she had been “left behind” at the end of the world. These kids are idiots.

Brittany tells Santana that is how she felt when Santana graduated. If she had it, common sense would have told her that getting good grades meant she got to leave school with everyone else and probably would have gotten to join Santana at her school. Santana obviously didn’t give a damn about her graduating either, and maybe she felt a little guilty about that. She also has met someone at school. So Brittana are kaput.

Wemma (Will and Emma)

So Will got his invitation to the Blue Ribbon Panel which means that he will have to temporarily move to Washington D.C. He wants her to come with him, but she doesn’t want to leave her job or her life in Lima. Plus D.C. is just a whole other league of germs. She’s still a germaphobe, right? Will didn’t think about the fact that she would be stuck in a hotel room by herself all day while he was out living his dreams. She still supports his decision to go, but when Will acts like a big baby she storms out of the house. I’m sure he’ll leave and come back and they’ll finally get married, and I still won’t care.

As for the other kids, Jake breaks up with cheerleader Kitty, is is annoying aggressive about everything, when she picks on Marley in front of him. Kitty vows to get her revenge on a guy that she barely dated and a girl she barely knows. How smart. Marley thanks Jake for sticking up for her and asks he if wants to go over songs for their upcoming production of Grease, but he hesitates before excusing himself. They aren’t together, yet, but maybe Marley should just move on.

“Barely Breathing” sung by Blaine and Finn. Thinking about Kurt while you play Facebook tag with your “friend,” that’s a no no Blaine. Both boys were lost as they realized that their first loves were moving on from them. Darren sounded better than Cory here, but that’s a given.

“Give Your Heart A Break” sung by Rachel and Brody. Finn had to watch as his former fiancee sang this Demi Lovato song with who he would later found out is the guy she kissed.  I think Lea and Dean sound better together than her and Cory ever did, but still not sure about his Brody guy.

“Teenage Dream” sung by Blaine. When it was Blaine’s turn at the mic, he decided to sing the first song he ever sang to Kurt. It was a pretty painful and teary rendition, and even though I can’t stand Katy Perry or this song, Darren made it his own. He could have dialed it down a bit, but Blaine was all broken hearted and whatnot.

“Don’t Speak” sung by RachelFinnBlaine and Kurt. This happened and it really should not have. The two couples go to bed angry and make me angry that the show decided to cover this song. Excuse me, I need a moment….

“Mine” sung by Santana. For Brittana’s breakup, Santana belted out this Taylor Swift song that i’m not familiar with, but that may be a good thing because I actually enjoyed this. Naya sounded great and made me hate that she is a regular on the show anymore.

“The Scientist” sung by all of the couples. Surprised this hasn’t been covered on the show already. What a better way to end a sad ass episode than with a song by the most sad sap band on the planet.