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Hey, Lindsay Lohan? How’s your lawsuit against e*Trade going?


I’ve been wondering how Lindsay’s lawsuit against e*Trade has been going.  I mean, have depositions been scheduled for the toddler who uttered the hilarious “MILKA-WHAAAA?” line in the commercial?  I hope the attorneys ask if the little girl used Method Acting as her motivation to give her now-iconic line.  Did the 2-year old, in fact, spend time with Tipsy McDrunkerFall to “get into character”? You know, like Demi Moore did, back in the day, when she hung out with strippers for her role in “Striptease”?  I’ll wager that she did and that she was Lindsay’s designated driver.

Lindsay and her grubby hands April 6th, after partying at Bardot Lounge in Hollywood.

It’s called sarcasm, y’all.  But really.  WTF?