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Stop the presses! David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are pregnant. (Okay, SHE is.)

Maybe they'll get a GIRL this way?

Huge news.  For ME, anyway.  The Gorgeous Two are having a FOURTH child.  Naturally, we are all hoping for a girl, because Lord knows, Victoria has been turning their beautiful son Romeo into a Toddlers and Tiaras contestant.

Best Dresssed child

(Romeo’s my favorite of the three boys, so don’t even.)  “Mummy?  Wheaaas me flippah??)

Now.  Down to the important issues at hand.  THE NAME.  We all know how Brooklyn Beckham was given that ridiculous name because “that’s where he was conceived!”.   Oh, and my fat ass, he was conceived in one of the burroughs.  (I have a friend who couldn’t remember Hunter’s name when he was little and always called Hunter “Manhattan“…so in effect, that name was already taken, mmkay? Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?)

So.  They have “Beverly”, “Rodeo”, “Tremendous Italian Villa in Los Angeles”, “The Grove”, “We’re NOT Scientologists”,  “Katsuya”, “Bloody LA Traffic”–MY personal favorite, and “Where are the Paps”, (you get the idea) IF this child was conceived ’round these parts.

Chances are that the Beckhams will be invited to the Royal Wedding in April.  Do you think Posh is happy about being photographed more than Kate and William while she’s PREGNANT for insertion in the History books? Hmmm.  Let’s discuss this.

Oh, and we all know that when The Big Day comes (not the Royal Wedding–the BECKHAM BIRTH, sillies!) Victoria will look exactly like this:

She won’t have gained an ounce, but will be wearing Yves Saint Laurent heels.  Just like regular folks.

(I’m the biggest dork because I’m excited about seeing more of these two…)