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Linkin Park Covers Adele’s ‘Rollin’ In the Deep’ – Wait, WHAT?

Linkin Park Does Adele -- in a good way!

Wow. First of all, let me say I’m a few days behind on finding this gem. I’ve been kind of  “over” Linkin Park for what, 10 years now?  But jeez.  This cover of Adele’s new classic, Rollin’ in the Deep is pretty fantastic.  I mean, it’s kind of the go-to song lately for other artists to cover, like John Legend, the Glee dorks, David Cook, Mike Posner–the list goes on.  I gotta say, some of the dudes covering this song, really just shouldn’t have; it’s a pissed-off chick up in here, and I don’t want to hear a breathy, whiny version of this masterpiece.  So, yeah. I’m talkin’ to you, Posner.  But whatevs.

I really like the fact that Chester just belted it all here–even singing the backing vocal part “you’re gonna wish you…never had met me“…and given the fact that LP were already some 18+ songs into their set, this kind of proves his vocal chops even more, doesn’t it?

Oh, if you’re interested, you can listen and watch 10 covers of Rollin’ in the Deep right here at The Frisky!