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Creepy Woolite Commercial Directed by Rob Zombie!

Wait. This is a commercial for WHAT?

Photo: Dread Central

Oh. Mah. Gyaaaaah. This Woolite commercial is so creepy-wonderful. It’s all over the web right now, but I think it should be on that Magnavox color television set in that rumpus room of yours.

via AdWeek:

Rob Zombie, who directed the rebooted Halloween and Halloween II movies in recent years, brings more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe to this new Woolite commercial from Euro RSCG, advising you not to torture you clothes with other detergents. Mr. Zombie, as he is referred to, of course, in the New York Times story, says the spot isn’t scary at all—it’s “more like a Tim Burton” film than something truly horrifying. [Editor’s Note: WE BEG TO DIFFER!]

The main character, he says, “is like Uncle Fester” from The Addams Family, and not “like some child killer out in the woods.” [Editor’s Note: WE BEG TO DIFFER!]


You tell me that's NOT creepy.

Maybe, but the client still needed some convincing. “When we saw the first storyboard we almost flipped from our chairs,” says Reckitt Benckiser’s Jiri Kulik. “Eventually, with testing, we got more and more comfortable with it.”

Ohman.  Can you just see those ad execs watching this in their fancy boardroom?  I’d have paid cash money to see that hilarity.