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Kanye West Announces Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Onstage

So about the apocalypse…

According to sources, and some excited tweets from the Kardashian Klan, it seems that Kim is pregnant with her first child.



Kanye West announced this onstage at Revel in Atlantic City. His future baby mama was of course in attendance, and apparently the news came autotuned.

I’m sure a shaky video of the big reveal will on the internet soon. I think the person happiest about all of this is matriarch Kris, because it’s not like her other grandchildren were fathered by one of the most famous rappers in the world. We can expect a line of baby clothes from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears to debut in the Spring.

I really wish I had enough of a shit to give to be properly snarky about this, but eh, congrats.

Editor’s Note:  Kim is still married to Kris Humphries, in case you forgot.

Huggies “I Poo in Blue” commercial…

"My diaper is full. Full of CHIC."

Wow.  This is a hilarious commercial for Huggies diapers (nappies!) that almost feels like an SNL spoof…but it’s REAL.  I saw it with my own eyes on network TV this morning.   Go ahead.  Watch it.  I’ll wait…

Pretty clever, huh? I’m just waiting for some horrible report about the dye in the diapers creating some sort of nasty rash or color-bleeding onto the baby’s clothing if there’s an, um…accident. In the meantime, you can bet I’ll be buying my littlest Meat Pie a box of “denim” diapers, because they’re supercute.

Guess who?

Any time–and I do mean ANY TIME–a camera is pointed at Felix, THIS is the face we get.  He was cranky and trying to escape from his highchair mere moments before this was shot, then he saw Mim (me) with my Blackberry.

I know, right?