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‘Revolution’ Recap By David E. – A Dude’s Eye View


Monday night’s show opens with Miles, Nora, Aaron and Charlie en route to Republic HQ when they are ambushed trying to cross a bridge. Strausser’s kill squad has caught up to them and when they get away and hide in an abandoned apt complex they discuss their chances against Strausser.. They aren’t good. When Strausser realizes that they escaped he has his men scream at the top of their lungs that they have Nora’s sister Mia and when Nora hears them she comes running to her aid. Miles stops her before she reveals herself but Strausser yells into the night that if she hands over Miles and the necklace he’ll let her sister go free.

When the four decide to discuss their options they realize Jason (son of Captain Tom) narc’d them out. Miles attempts to destroy the necklace but is unsuccessful when Nora declares that they aren’t going to hand over anything to them but instead find another way to free her sister. The four get there hands on some dynamite (somehow?) and blow the area where Mia is being held to bits as a diversion then free set her free and run.

Once safely away from Strausser the group discusses how they are going to cross the bridge they were ambushed on earlier. Mia tells them that there is a man who will ferry them across the river but it won’t be cheap. While walking to meet the ferryman Mia tells Nora that she found their dad in Texas. Mia tries to convince Nora to leave the group and go with her to see their dad. Nora cries but tells her she gave her word and asks Mia to stay with her But Mia tells her no. When they get to the meet up point the ferryman is dead and his boat burned and with that Mia leaves to group to go back to Texas.

Charlie tries to talk Nora into going with her sister and Nora listens. She gives Miles a big goodbye kiss and leaves. The two aren’t gone long before they run into Strausser but instead of running Mia reveals that she’s stolen the necklace from Aaron and tells Strausser that the rest of the group is where the ferryman’s boat is. As it turns out Mia is a republic bounty hunter and she never found her dad. Nora is horrified and she leaves Mia to rescue Charlie, Miles and Aaron who’ve been ambushed by Strausser. The four get free from Strausser but have no choice but to jump into the river in order to get away. Once across and on dry ground Miles berates Aaron for letting Mia take the necklace from him.

This episode we also get Nora and Mia’s backstory. Two months after the blackout Nora and her little sister are barely escaped when her mother is murdered during a home invasion. Two months later young Mia and Nora arrive at their dads house on the ocean. It’s empty. The two decide to wait from their dad hoping that he was just away for a little bit but he never comes back. Older sister Nora promises to protect and look out for younger sister Mia and Mia promises the same.

At republic HQ Jason is getting beaten by militia guards at Monroe’s orders. When Captain Tom see this he goes to Monroe for answers. Monroe tells Tom his son is a traitor for trying to help Charlie and as a punishment plans to send him to California as part of an envoy to a rival territory. When Tom objects Monroe tells him it’s either California or an execution squad.


Later that afternoon at Capt. Tom’s home his wife, Julia informs him that their housekeeper has some dirt on a rival officers son and that perhaps that can be used as leverage to get Jason out of his banishment to California. Tom likes his sneaky wife (so do I!!).

When Monroe gets this info he’s very grateful and grants Toms request to not send his son to California, badass Captain Tom strikes again.

The show ends with Strausser delivering the necklace to Monroe and Captain Tom and his wife tending to their injured son. In confidence Mrs. Captain Tom tells her husband that he should be running the republic, not Monroe. Nothing good will come from that!

We are then shown Grace at work in Randall’s lab when he informs her that The pendant Aaron had is now in Philadelphia. Randall tells her that he thinks Monroe has it and that she will have to go and “do something about it” after which the camera pans out to reveal that they are in some kind of reactor that looks VERY much like the inside of the effing Death Star!!!!!

‘Revolution’ Recap By David E.!


The latest episode of Revolution opens with Charlie as a republic soldier getting branded with a hot iron followed by the ominous “two days earlier” black screen.

Charlie and the gang are en route to the republic base when they meet up with a band of kids armed with spears and bows. They are looking for their friend Peter who was earlier captured by the republic. The kids are children of American rebels and when the republic took their parents they had no choice but to fend for themselves. Peter was the tribe’s leader and Charlie volunteers to go get Peter back.


While on the road tracking the caravan holding Peter Miles discovers that a few of the kids are following them, one of them name Michael is Peter’s brother. Peter is shown being taken into a republic recruiting camp but the camp is on a barge in a lake. After making camp in the basement of an abandoned lighthouse Charlie convinces Miles to help her get on the barge as a new recruit. They wait for a passing patrol and Charlie allows herself to get assaulted and taken captive.

After her attempt to free Peter fails Charlie’s restrained and branded. Back on shore Miles decides that Charlie must be in some kind of trouble and takes Nora with him to rescue her, but Michael tags along and get them all captured. Republic soldiers show up and search the abandoned house leaving Aaron to defend the remain kids. They hide from the soldiers but the pendant gets activated by accident turning on the light house. The light disorients the barge crew and Miles, Nora and Charlie kill their captors. When the soldiers return to the basement Aaron knocks them out and the kids are saved.

At republic HQ Danny and his mom discuss their situation. Danny wants to try and escape but before he can continue she is summoned to Monroe. Monroe has had no luck trying to locate the pendants and is growing impatient. He reveals to her that he has one of her colleagues captive and that they will be harmed if she can’t convince him to give up his pendant.

The very next scene is a flashback to three years before the blackout when her husband discovers the technology that would later be used to cause the blackout. A very pregnant Rachel argues with her husband about whether or not they should pursue a contract with the department of defense for making it into a weapon. Later that evening Rachel is taken to a hospital after having some complications with her pregnancy and the doctor tells her and her husband that their baby will probably die. But when the Defense Dept. rep offers her a possible cure for her child’s condition she has a change of heart about working with them on her husbands project.

In the present time Rachel pretends to be a fellow inmate in the republic prison and attempts to convince her captive colleague to give up his pendant but it doesn’t work. Later, to Rachel’s horror, Captain Tom produces her colleagues daughter and threatens him the same as they have with Rachel. The next day, Monroe tells Rachel that her colleague and his daughter will be free to go home once they have his pendant.

The show closes with all the recruits on the barge being freed while Miles confronts Aaron about what happened with the light house. Miles demands that Aaron give him the pendant to be destroyed and Aaron refuses. When Charlie asks Aaron what’s going on he finally spills the beans and tells her that her father gave him the pendant before he died and was told to give it to Grace Beaumon

Lastly, we see Grace working in captivity, under Randall, who turns out to be the government rep that Rachel and her husband worked with from the Defense Dept. before the blackout.

Yikes.  See you next week! Are you enjoying Revolution?

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‘Revolution’ Recap, ‘Sex and Drugs’


This episode opens with Miles, Charlie, and Aaron on a horse drawn carriage with a very sick Nora. Her stab wound from the previous episode has gotten infected and while Aaron tells Nora everything will be okay, Charlie goes totally dark on him and reminds him of all the carnage they’ve experienced on their journey and that he shouldn’t be so optimistic.


They are en route to a man named Drexel who supplies drugs and medicine to the republic. When they arrive Drexel is NOT happy to see Miles and promptly attempts to execute him on the spot, but it turns out to be a horrible prank.

Nora is in septic shock and Drexel’s doctor transfuses Nora with Miles’s blood. Meanwhile Charlie is having a bit of a bitter breakdown following her unsuccessful attempt to rescue Danny and destroys the contents of her lunch box full of keepsakes (naked.. hello, side boob!) in anger.

In this episode we also get Aaron’s backstory. Aaron was rich, worked for Google and was in a limo with his stunning bride when the power went out. Two months after, his wife is sick from drinking polluted water, a lot of good his high-paying job does him now. Fast forward to eight months after the blackout and Aaron’s wife is no longer sick but is attacked and almost raped before someone else has to come to her rescue for him. Aaron’s inability to take care of himself and his wife is eating away at him. Aaron’s wife attempts to reassure him of her love, but for Aaron it’s not good enough. The morning after the assault Aaron leaves his wife with a note saying he’s sorry he can’t protect her…damn.

Meanwhile at Republic HQ, Danny is finally brought before Monroe and Captain Neville is promoted to Major for bringing him safely (seems a little to easy for me but oh well). Monroe debriefs Nate with Captain Tom present and learns that Aaron has one of the power pendants Danny’s mom told him about. Before Nate leaves he overhears Monore planning with Captain Tom (keep in mind Captain Tom is Nate’s dad) to send a kill squad headed by the twisted Sergeant Strausser to track down Miles and the pendant and voices his concern.

With Nora’s transfusion done Miles tells Aaron and Charlie they should leave as soon as possible with Nora but as he’s talking Drexel interrupts a tells Miles that there’s a price to pay for transfusing Nora. And that price is Charlie. A rural family close to Drexel has been torching his poppy fields (apparently just out of principle) and Drexel wants them dead. Drexel demands that Charlie use her feminine wiles to gain access to the head of the family, and then kill him as payment for Nora’s medical care. Charlie agrees and she and Aaron debate whether or not its okay to murder an innocent to save the group.

Once Charlie leaves, Drexel tell Miles she’s as good as dead even if she is successful. At that point, Aaron begs Miles to go after Charlie and rescue her even if that means he and Nora will be killed by Drexel. It’s pretty clear at this point Aaron can’t deal with feeling helpless any more. He tells Miles he has a plan to get him and Nora out, but it goes out the window when Miles is discovered leaving.

Charlie gets an audience with clan leader Bill who used to be a cop before the blackout but Miles gets to them both before she can kill Bill. With Miles gone, Drexel uses adrenaline to revive Nora and then forces Aaron and Nora to duel with handguns as some kind of sick joke. Aaron begs Nora to kill him and when Nora refuses he shoots himself in his chest.

As Drexel stands over Aaron in disbelief, Aaron rears up and shoots Drexel to reveal that he shot at the metal flask in his pocket… BADASS! With Drexel dead, his guards let them leave and they meet up with Miles and Charlie to venture on towards the republic headquarters and the show ends with Danny being reunited with his mother at Republic HQ.

Daaaang.  See you next week!!