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So Which Cartoon Character Do YOU Most Resemble?

I AM Ren Höek!!
I AM Ren Höek!! (Seriously, though. Which is WHICH?)


And before you all scream in horror, I was going through a rough health sitch which is why I weighed 95 lbs. in this photo — HOWEVER! I can still freak the eff out (over nothing) just like my doppelgänger–bug-eyes and all, Ren Höekfrom my favorite cartoon ever, Ren & Stimpy, created by one of my many imaginary boyfriends, John K.

EH-PEEEEEK, I tell ya!

So, leave us a pic and description telling us all the hows and whys about the animated character YOU most resemble in the comments HERE in the comments and we will re-post them!