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Whitney Houston Enters Rehab Again

Whitney? Good luck. Make it WORK.

I wonder if Prince had a chat with Whitney backstage last week about cleaning herself UP.  Some of you may have heard that Whitney joined Chaka Khan onstage last week prior to His Majesty making his appearance onstage for the continuation of his 21 Night Stand in Los Angeles.  It makes sense, really, but only time will tell if he was the catalyst for Whitney’s latest entry to rehab.


Chaka and Whitney - "Tell Me Something Good" indeed.

Ms. Houston’s representatives have released a statement confirming that she has entered rehab for substance abuse.

I can confirm that Whitney Houston is currently in an out-patient rehab program for drug and alcohol treatment,” Kristen Foster said. “Whitney voluntarily entered the program to support her long-standing recovery process.”

Whitney? We are all pulling for you.  You had The Voice every woman has wished they had.  Come back.  You can do it…and be an example to your daughter, who could very well be headed down that same dark road.

David Arquette Involved in Head-On Collision – Story Developing

David Arquette - Photo Courtesy: TMZ.com

Jeez.  This could have been a horrible tragedy, but the folks at TMZ.com are suggesting that David Arquette, who was involved in a head-on collision in his Cadillac wasn’t badly injured:

via TMZ.com

“David was driving in West Hollywood just a few minutes ago … when his car veered into oncoming traffic.

David is lying on the ground right now — bleeding —  as fire trucks are racing to the scene.

We’re told David was on his way to Burbank airport to board a private jet which was going to Las Vegas, for the grand opening of Sugar Factory — a candy store at the Paris Hotel.  He was supposed to attend a party hosted by Kim Kardashian.

UPDATE: He’s being taken away by ambulance right now.

Thank goodness David is doing okay.  I still got a sad feeling watching him on Oprah last week. (Unlike another troubled star who’s been all over every kind of media lately.)

I’d say David Arquette is the one who’s WINNING for real, right now.  Whew!!