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Adele, Paramount Theater in Seattle – DivaJulia’s Review!

Photo: jaBrink

I woke up with Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” in my head this morning.  This girl.  This 22-year old girl blew our hair back and the gilded roof off the Paramount Theater in Seattle Friday night.

The lovely Paramount Theater

Originally, we were supposed to see our lovely English girl back in June, but as most of you know, Adele canceled a portion of her tour due to illness.  Now, there are all kinds of rumors being tossed about as to why she backed out of her shows (cue “Rumour Has It”), although severe bronchitis was the reason given to the press.  If she has a few “demands” or has a slight bit of “diva behavior”, that’s fine with me–what REAL vocalist doesn’t?   I just want her healthy and ALIVE.  (RIP, Amy.)

Whether Adele suffers from stage-fright, I don’t know.  Many artists do, including Barbra Streisand and Carly Simon.  I do know the air conditioning was cut off completely prior to Adele taking the stage–which is something REAL singers need to do to help protect their voice.  (It was turned back on after she was well into her performance.)  And what a performance it was…and in a black $10 dress, no less!

Photos via Daydreamer

Adele is a mixture of the wise and older dame who divulges old secrets about the heartbreaks of her romantic past, but is also a giddy young bird who has the most incredible laugh–wait–it’s a CACKLE.  She throws her head back with delight and loudly cackles about girlie things, like the fact that she considers herself Miranda from Sex And the City, and laments about her high heels, “I’m trying to be a lady, but I’m not really enjoying it”,  all in that tremendous Tottenham, North London accent of hers. Oh, and she kicked those shoes off late in the performance.  Enough of being “a lady”.

Adele also has quite the dirty mouth, which is a hilarious paradox coming out of that peaches and creamy-lush mouth of hers.  (“You’ve ‘eard ’bout the riots in London? F*cking assholes!” — the crowd cheered loudly at her cheekiness.)

The Cure's "Lovesong"

Oh…the music.  The VOICE.  I don’t know if any of you have experienced the sensation of a certain sound nearly bringing you to tears, coupled with a hard punch right in the chest.  When Adele lets loose with her voice…when it truly soars, it can knock the breath right out of your body.  At certain points during her show, I could physically feel a collective inhale from the crowd.  We were all held breathless by this young and vital woman who poured her heart out with a fury.

Work those Diva Hands, Girl.

I’ve got the set-list for you:

Hometown Glory

I’ll Be Waiting

Don’t Your Remember

Turning Tables

Set Fire To The Rain

If It Hadn’t Been For Love (The Steel Drivers cover)

My Same

Take It All

Rumour Has It

Right As Rain

Chasing Pavements

One and Only

Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan cover)



Someone Like You

Rolling In The Deep

Adele joked, too, about “being a terrible dancer” and that she doesn’t really move onstage.  Oh, she moved all right…just not in the way she meant.  And believe me,  singing with her “diva hands” to lyrics she wrote (and lived through) was absolute perfection.  I don’t need seizure-inducing strobe-lights and unnecessary costume changes when I have Adele in front of me, thankyouverymuch.

Rumour Has It – Clap your hands!!

My husband, SilverFox and I left singing, “you’re gonna wish you–never had met me; tears are gonna fall–Rollin’ in the Deep…”

Thank you, Adele for making good on your promise to come back to Seattle. We adore you.