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Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Both Out At ‘American Idol’


In news that surprises no one, neither Nicki Minaj or Mariah Carey will be returning as judges for ‘American Idol.’ Both confirmed their exits via Twitter on Thursday, with Mimi’s publicist throwing in a plug for her single and upcoming tour.

Later, Minaj tweeted:

With mainstay Randy Jackson gone, and these two out, that leaves Keith Urban, who was a damn good judge, but I don’t expect him to sign on for another season. At Fox‘s upfront presentation to advertisers in May, Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly stated the show would be returning to a three-judge format for it’s 13th season. According to E! News, former Idol contestant and Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson has already signed on to be a judge, and word has it the show is also looking for Kelly ClarksonAdam Lambert and Clay Aiken to take a seat at the judges table.

These are some of the most successful and recognizable Idols, so I think they’d work out and help the show to grain back a lot of it’s viewers. Are you going to miss Mariah and Nicki on the show, and do you think JHud and other former contestants would make good judge? 

American Idol Results, We Were All Wrong! Oh, And Randy’s Leaving

Photos: FOX

I thought this would be the most predictable final two ever, but I was wrong, and you were too probably. Not only did we get some surprise results on Thursday night’s show, there was also some huge news regarding the judging panel. So let’s get to it!

Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina returned to the Idol stage to debut her new single “Barefoot and Buckwild” which is exactly the type of song she would be singing. Alicia Keys also graced the stage to perform “Tears Always Win.” 

Judge Mariah Carey also debuted her new video for “#Beautiful” with Miguel. Yes, the hashtag is a part of the title. It’s a good Spring single, and Mimi looks good in it, which is all that all that matters.


Candice Glover was the first to learn that she would be one half of the Final 2. Bless her, she was so shocked and it was nice seeing the judges be so happy for her. She had to know she was a shoe-in though, right?


On to Kree Harrison and Angie Miller. I predicted that Angie would get the other spot, it seemed Kree wasn’t performing to the best of her abilities these past couple of weeks and Angie had been slowly stepping up her game. When it came down to it, Kree had more votes so that meant Angie was being sent home, well for a couple of days anyways. It was surprising because Angie had never been in the Bottom 3 the entire season, and it seemed like the judges and producers were pulling for her to be in the finale.

Jimmy Iovine offered his critiques of the girls’ performances, pointing out that Angie wasn’t at her trusted piano on Wednesday night. Well, you guys gave her songs that didn’t require her to play the piano, so…

Yo, Yo, Yo, Randy!

In other Idol news, judge Randy Jackson is leaving the show, FINALLY! He’s been the longest serving judge since Simon Cowell left in 2010, but announced in a statement released on Thursday that he would not be returning to the show for a 13th season.

 “Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the speculation to rest, after twelve years of judging on American Idol I have decided to leave after this season. I am very proud of how we forever changed television and the music industry. It’s been a life changing opportunity but I am looking forward to focusing on my company Dream Merchant 21 and other business ventures.”

Lawd, bye Randy. 

American Idol’s New Judges Hit NYC

Mimi, Keith, Seacrest, Nikki and Randy

Photo: FOX

American Idol‘ FINALLY has it’s judges panel, and it was revealed when the show started it’s auditions in New York on Sunday. Joining Mariah Carey were Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban along with Randy Jackson host Ryan Seacrest at Jazz at Lincoln Center where the auditions were being held. Late last week Urban abruptly quit his job as coach on the Australian version of  ‘The Voice’ fueling rumors he had landed the AI gig.

Way too many people were being considered for a spot alongside Carey, who was the first new judged to be announced, at the judge’s table including Kanye WestEnrique Iglesias and a JoBro. It doesn’t matter which one because he didn’t get picked. While Mimi is getting paid a hefty $18 million in her one-year contract with renewal rights, Minaj will be pocketing $12 million according to the Associated Press. A rep for Urban wouldn’t comment on his salary, but you know it was enough to get him to quit his other show and come back to the States for AI. As for his role on the show, he doesn’t plan on being the “mean” judge saying,

I did similar shows when I was very young in Australia,” he recalled, “and I was sort of crucified by one judge. So I don’t know that I’ll ever be THAT guy.”

Before she learned of who she would be sharing the show with, Mariah thought about how she would approach  new job,

Am I the mean one? Am I the nice one? … It’s not about me, me, me, it’s about them (the contestants) and what I can bring to them to help guide them in the right direction.” 

We know it’ll all be about Mariah anyways, but we’ll have to wait to see how they the newbies do as judges when the show returns next year. I have to say this is the oddest mix of people, and I don’t like how they now have four judges, like the other shows, instead of the original three. What is the point of Randy sticking around–it’s time to move on, dog!