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Tommy Ramone, The Last Original Ramone, Dies At Age 62 – By Linda B.

Tommy Ramone, RIP
Tommy Ramone, RIP

My entry into punk (somewhere around what, 11 years old maybe?) was Road To Ruin. Tommy had left the band already but he co-produced that record with Ed Stasium. To this day it’s one of my top 5 of all time. But I quickly went back and discovered what came before it:  Rocket to Russia, Leave Home and of course, Ramones. The Ramones really snapped my world at a very impressionable time. They were IT



After Kiss crapped out when Peter Criss left and before I found Joan Jett, it was all Ramones all the time. They summed up all the raw energy of New York and youth and being disaffected and not giving a fuck and being loud as fuck. I loved this band dearly and I still do. They helped me get through all the rough growing up stuff. Each time one of them passes is like punch in the gut.



Rest in peace, Tommy. Thank you for helping shape my life. I can’t believe all you originals are gone now…