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Listen To Queens of the Stone Age’s New Song ‘My God Is The Sun’

Queens of the Stoneage


Queens of the Stone Age are back from a too long hiatus with a hard rockin new single. QOTSA seem to be back to their roots with “My God Is The Sun” with Josh Homme delivering some sexy vocals.



This is their first release from the upcoming ‘…Like Clockwork’ which will be out in June. The album includes guest appearances from Dave Grohl (of course), Trent ReznorElton John ( who also appears on the new Fall Out Boy) record and former bassist for the band Nick Oliveri. The last one irks me a bit because as you QOTSA fans may know, Oliveri was kicked out of the band in 2004 by Homme for “partying too hard” and oh yeah, (allegedly) beating up his girlfriend. Nick only provides vocals on the album, and has rejoined their other band Kyuss.

I still have high hopes for …Like Clockwork, no matter who’s on it. What do you guys think of the first single?