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‘Hannibal’ Season 2 Promo Poster And Premiere Date Revealed



Mayday, mayday!
Mayday, mayday!


*taps mic* Could someone hand me a mop? Pretty sure I just wet my pants in terrified arousal.

Just…I’m sorry, WHAT?! First, let’s rejoice over the ‘Hannibal’ premiere date being right around the corner, after we’ve all satisfactorily recovered from the holiday season. The end of the “He-ate-us” is in sight! *does the wave* And NOW we can focus on the beautiful simplicity that is this poster. Stark asylum white, with Will Graham’s/Hugh Dancy’s “I have nothing to left to lose” face dead center (hehe, “dead”), sporting a mask that is near and dear to our hearts. “Embrace the Madness”, indeed. Fannibals? Today was a good day!

I’ve finally managed to stop shaking and crying in some random Starbucks, thankfully, since my body really wasn’t ready and composure was necessary for my commute home. So I can now join you all in basking in the plethora of warm fuzzies this poster gives me. Mind you, by “plethora”, I mean I’m essentially buried in said fuzzies like the folks in Mushroom!dude’s garden.


Hello, yes, this is an accurate representation of me at the moment.
Hello, yes, this is an accurate representation of me at the moment.


February 28, 2014. I haven’t looked at the calendar yet so, I have no idea if I already have plans for that day. I don’t know if you do either. And you know what? It doesn’t matter because all plans are heretofore cancelled! *confetti canon* I officially declare 2/28/14 a holiday and, that night, “we dine in Hell!” *Fandom callback, holla!*

Jamie Foxx’s Saturday Night Live Promo


Jamie Foxx will be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ again, his first time since 2000. Unfortunately for us, Diddy, who was then known as Puff Daddy, isn’t as relevant as he was back then so I won’t count on there being another Couples Therapy sketch featuring him and Jennifer Lopez. I do hope this is one of those episodes where the writers actually put forth an effort, Jamie does have a lot of experience with sketch comedy.


In his promos with Jason Sudeikis, the two exchange gifts and show off the cover of their mixtape.


Check out his smedium Christmas shirt at the end! Ne-Yo is the musical guest–will you be checking out this weekend’s show?


Daniel Craig’s SNL Promos With Taran Killam – ‘Double Oh HEAVEN!’


Daniel Craig SNL Promo - H 2012




I’m dying. No, I’m actually DEAD. The promos for this weekend’s SNL with host DANIEL BLOODY CRAIG (!) are so funny that I can barely contain myself.

via THR.com:

Daniel Craig — best known as being the darkest, broodiest James Bond ever — is indulging his wackier side as host of this week’s Saturday Night Live.

And based on these promos alongside Taran Killam, the actor is game for some serious silliness, spoofing his tough-guy image (“I don’t like guns!“) in one take, fending off Killam’s amorous advances in another, and — in the best sequence — embarking on a montage that sees the two sharing cupcakes, wearing silly wigs and giant sunglasses, and playing Monopoly. 

It’s all such madcap hilarity, Killam dubs it “double-oh heaven” — a Bond pun that sends Craig heading for the exit.”

Let’s watch together…over and over and over, okay?

Daniel’s little shrug before he crams a cupcake into his mouth? Priceless.

And MUSE as the musical guests?  I’m in anglophile Double-Oh HEAVEN. If only the musical guest were a very-pregnant Adele, though. I think my head would explode.


Aaaaaand…this is ME realizing I won’t be home to see it–and our DVR isn’t working.  Hunter?

Hunter – Playing at FUEL in Pioneer Square, Saturday Night, Oct. 6th!

I hope you’re happy I’m going to your first big gig in downtown Seattle at FUEL, Bruv.  Awww, you know I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Boo.

See what I did there??