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Tony Vincent: New EP ‘In My Head’ – Let’s All Help Make It Happen With PledgeMusic – ALMOST THERE!


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Hello my dear friends,So, the craziness of the past few months has finally led us here: to PledgeMusic and the creation of my latest EP, “In My Head”, which I could not be more excited to share with you. These songs are the best I’ve ever written and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to finally complete this project and get it out to you— hoping it will move and inspire you as much as it does me. Many of you may know me from my recent appearance as a vocalist on NBC’s “The Voice”.
Some may know me from my collaborations with Green Day and Queen. Now it’s time to make the kind of project that is all my own, but it isn’t possible to do this without YOUR support.In the last decade, the music industry has changed in a major way. It’s no longer a feasible thing for emerging artists to attain the backing of a record label to support their project. And with the cost of reputable mixers, mastering engineers, art/packaging designers, photographers and promotion, the cost becomes astronomical. But I’m all about doing things right, especially when it comes to my own material. And you, my loyal fans, deserve nothing but the very best from me.
Fortunately, PledgeMusic has made it possible for fans and supporters to be involved in artist’s projects. With your help, I can finally release this music that I’ve been wanting to share with you all for so long. Please know that even the smallest contribution greatly helps this EP come into fruition, and allows you to be an integral part of this process.
Here’s how It works:
1. Make a pledge (all of your options are located to the right).
2. Once you make a pledge, you’ll receive online updates on the project.
3. Share by linking your own social networks to help spread the word (we even have a personal widget that you can post!)4. Comment and interact online as we work together to reach our goal.
To help move the project forward, I’ve even put several personal possessions (even some exclusive collector’s items) up for pledging.
Once you’ve submitted a pledge, you’re officially part of this project and you will get a digital download of the EP before it’s released anywhere else. You will also have access to online updates as they become available.It’s the ultimate goal for an artist to release their own music to their fans, and I’m SO excited for you all to come alongside me and get involved in this process. Currently, mixer Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Everclear, Lit, The Verve Pipe) and mastering engineer Robert Smith (Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, David Bowie) are already on board, so you can count on this project to sound amazing.Over the next 30 days, we can make this project happen together…Tony VincentP.S. For a taste of what this EP is going to sound like, check out the player on the upper-left portion of this page, or download the brand new single (“Starting Over”) for FREE at http://bit.ly/K8Dpf7. Don’t forget to share it!

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“In My Head” download + updates, PLUS another exclusive below.

If YOU all love Tony as much as we here at Dipped in Cream do, help make his dream come true…simply click on ANY part of the paragraph in RED — then DONATE!

Much love, Tony…


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