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This Is Kind Of A Big Deal, You Guys…Please VOTE For Hunter Stroud And The Freebies!

Hunter Stroud – How can you turn that face down?


At the risk of completely looking like Dina Lohan,  the Mother of All Stage Mothers (what?), I am asking you to take two seconds to vote for my son’s band TODAY.  There’s a lovely, local festival here in the Seattle area called Whaling Days, which he and his mates have a chance to be on the headlining bill.

If you are on Facebook, here is the LINK. <<<CLICK ON THAT!
The new single by Hunter Stroud and the Freebies, “All This Time”


Here’s the thing: We only have until MIDNIGHT tonight–Pacific Standard Time. (So my friends on the east coast and in other countries can still vote!)


Don’t make me post more cute pictures of their dreamboat lead singer…because you know I will.

And, GO!! Hurry?  Thank you!