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Dipped In Cream Is In The Recovery Room!

Plastic Surgery

Ow. It hurts, but pain and beauty often go hand in hand, oui?  

Dipped in Cream is LIVE again, for the love of Pete. We are still bandaged and bruised and our stitches and staples are still throbbing. HOWEVER. We’re on our way to becoming TREMENDOUS. In my mind, we’re all staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence, Italy while we recover.




Photo: via FourSeasonsHotelFirenze

(Just nod politely, mmkay?)

Bear with us while we’re still taped-up and eating through a straw, please?


Oh, AnnE Hathaway – Just Another Reason I Can’t Stand You


Leaving the plastic surgeon’s office, AnnE?


With the Oscars just a few weeks away, you can bet that all the nominees are headed for chemical peels, Botox injection, ass-fat injections and whatever else they inject their heads with right about now. But at least those other people have the decency to HIDE from the public.

Look at AnnE Hathaway up there, all Michael Jackson-y.  Lord, she bugs me. Like, under my skin-type of bugs.  The word “INSUFFERABLE” always comes to mind when I have to look at her, or write about her.


I’m willing to wager that she got that fancy face scarf at the Beverly Hills Equine Tack Boutique.


I Think Taylor Swift Got Some New Boobies


Remember when Taylor Swift was more waifish? Sure, she was a young, tall, gawky weirdo stumbling around on her giant boat-feet a couple of years ago, but she still is.  Only two things have really changed.

A plastic surgeon, who has never treated Swift, claims the singer has gone from an A cup to a B cup. 

“You can see the implants,” Dr. Michael Fiorillo told the magazine after looking at a photo of Swift from the People’s Choice Awards.

I say TayTay got her first new set.  I predict that over the next 15 years (along with 6-9 marriages and twice as many homes purchased), we’ll see quite a few changes on Tay’s body/face/bum.

Tick tock, y’all.