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Glee Recap, ‘Yes/No’

Jagger Mash-Up

Glee is back, again, for now. It’s taking another two week vacation, and leaves us hanging without the answer to a big question: yes or no?

So like almost every other episode, this one was about love and relationships. More like making right decisions when it comes to love. Sam is still sweet on Mercedes and decides to join the Synchronized Swim team to earn a Letterman’s jacket.

Coach Beiste married Cooter over the holiday break, besting Sue but the two give Emma the idea to propose to Will instead of waiting for him to pop the question to her.

Becky has a crush on Artie, possibly her first, but Artie doesn’t feel the same way about her. Ultimately Becky suffers her first heartbreak, but at least we got to hear her internal monologue, narrated by the fabulous Helen Mirren! It’s cute to know that in her head she sounds like the Queen of England.

Will asks the kids for help picking a song to propose to Emma. Wilma is a totally annoying couple, but I guess they have to give them something to do. Her weirdo parents visit and remind them that their little Freaky Deaky comes with some serious issues. Because Will apparently has no other friends, he asks Finn to be his best man and help him pick out an engagement ring.

Finn reveals that he is considering joining the military after school, determined not to be the forgotten high school hero. Burt supports his decision, but tries to make him rethink it, while his mom tells him that his dad wasn’t the war hero he thought he was. After everyone considers the future of their relationships, Sam gives Will the perfect idea for his proposal, literally take the plunge. Perhaps inspired by his favorite teacher, Finn signs up for his first credit card to buy Rachel a ring.

"Do NOT pee in my pool!" LOVE NeNe!

Nene Leakes, of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, made her debut and was pretty damn funny. Excited to see her go at it with Sue. We’ll have to wait to see whether Rachel says yes or no, I guess this is the way that Troll Murphy is going to get Cory and Lea to stay on the show.

I’m glad that Mercedes and Tina got to do more than just be in the background this episode, and I didn’t miss one bit of Quinn. I like how Sugar Motta has sort of eased into the group, but can we give the Irish kid more to do please?

"Those summer...niiiii-hiiiiiiights!"

“Summer Nights” sung by Sam and Mercedes with New Directions. I feel like they should have done this one two seasons ago, surprised there hasn’t been a whole Grease episode yet. I think they should just put Mercedes and Sam together already, if only for the outcry from butthurt fans. How great was Santana’s Rizzo kick?! She is sex on a STICK!

“Wedding Bell Blues” sung by Emma. Joined by Bieste and Sue in bridesmaid dresses, Emma struts down the halls of McKinley begging Will to marry her. I imagine before they got engaged she did this often.

“Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash” sung by Artie, Will and the New Directions boys. A song about Mick Jagger mashed-up with a song by Jagger, well of course! This isn’t one of the better mash-ups the show has done, but it kind of worked. I’m still baffled that the second best male dancer on the show is in a wheelchair, but somehow Kevin still works it. I also liked Mike’s Conan O’Brien string dance.

“Without You” sung by Rachel. I still contend that there are too many current songs being used on the show, but this David Guetta and Usher song was put to good use. Rachel and Kurt are still trying to figure out their futures, and Rachel is worried she won’t have one with Finn. I think somehow, they’ll make it work. (DivaJulia muted this as soon as she found the remote buried in the couch, FYI.)

“First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” sung by Mercedes, Rachel, Tina, and Santana. Giving Will another idea for how to propose to Emma, the girls give an emotional performance while thinking about the first time they met their loves. Instead of thinking about Shane, Mercedes remembers the first time she met Sam. Worried, she tells the girls that she’s scared about what to do. I’d like to see more of this, the girls all supporting and caring about each other and no more competition and jealousy please!

Those. Swimsuits. Available at Pin-Up Girl Clothing

“We Found Love” sung by New Directions. I had somehow avoided this Rihanna tune, but again it works here. The kids perform a synchronized number in the school’s pool as Will walks on water in a white tux to ask Emma to marry him. One of probably the best performances on the show.

Both DivaJulia (who RARELY watches the show anymore) and I enjoyed this episode a lot!

Did you watch?

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