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Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover **UPDATE** Photos! NSFW

Oh, Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan covers the Holiday issue of Playboy, straddling a red bunny shaped chair. Not the most original image, but it works for her. The rest of the pictorial will be revealed when Lohan appears on The Ellen Show next week. Obviously certain things will be blurred out, and this will be the only interview she does to promote the issue.

We’ve got this LINK to the pictures inside right here!  Oh, and NSFW. Durrrrp.  That’ll make ya look, huh?

Her rep assures that the inside shots are nothing but classy.

 “The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay,Steve Honig told the New York Post.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner says that her shoot “channels old Hollywood” and told The Insider that it is a “tribute inspired by the original Tom Kelly pictorial of Marilyn Monroe.” Lindsay reportedly made $1 million for the spread.

I’m much more interested in that Steve Jobs article. Isn’t that why everyone reads Playboy?


Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks Cover of ‘W’ Magazine

The Horseface and the Funny Guy


I’ll be finding the latest issue of W Magazine in my mailbox any second now, but I’d like to discuss the cover NOW.  Everyone pull your chairs into a circle so we can chat.

Okay.  Everyone’s favorite Oprah guests are appearing together in yet another film, this time with Tom Hanks directing as well as starring with Queen Horseface Julia Roberts.  Ugh and UGH.  (In all fairness, I love Tom Hanks.)  Maybe someday we can discuss the film, Larry Crowne, but today we have more important issues to dissect.  Take a moment to really look at that cover.  I’ll wait.  Go ahead.

Anything look odd to you?  Is there any reason Tom Hanks wasn’t given the courtesy of a little bit of Photoshop?  Good LAWD.  The bags under his eyes?  The prominent nasolabial fold?  Do only women need to be Photoshopped because we won’t be accepted otherwise?  Forty-three year old Julia seems to be as wrinkle and pore-free as a toddler in this photo, while Tom looks his age.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, right?

What gives?  (Like we don’t all know the answer to this “age-old” question…)


Bret Michaels On The Cover Of Billboard Magazine

Time once again for the boiling eye bleach!
You're welcome.

Let me just say, I’m sorry. I am so sorry to do this to you. Is Bret Michaels sorry?  Well, in a way, no.  He wants you to see.  He want you to know that he’s just as hot as he was back in the 80s. I can’t wait to see this covered up by an issue of SPIN or Q Magazine the next time I’m in Borders. Billboard isn’t really known for their covers, and I don’t know anyone that actually buys or even reads it. This was just so unnecessary and I want to hit everyone involved with it.  So Bret can be buck naked, but won’t take off that stupid bandanna? Well, his hair is attached to it, so….

If you’re still reading, Bret was Photoshopped to hell because he is promoting his new reality show, Life As I Know It. How is life combing your hair on a Barbie head and juggling skanks, Bret?

“It’s an all access pass into my every day life, about finding balance between my passion for my family, my relationship with Kristi (his girlfriend) and being on the road,” he said.

He also chats about how he has survived the biz this long, “Writers always use the phrase ‘aging rocker,’ and I’m like, “What other option do I have?” You’re either aging or you’re dead. So I’m embracing it.”

Well, at least Bret doesn’t take himself that seriously. Although I don’t know how he expect’s anyone else to either.