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Today’ Blind Item – PGA Edition

John Daly. (Shakin' my head...)

“John Daly has made a play to be this year’s most embarrassing golfer, with his release of a country and western album, I Only Know One Way.  Not only does it have a cover of Knocking On Heaven’s Door but it was produced and co-written by one of Hootie’s Blowfish.  But he’s a poor, distant second if the rumour going around St Andrews last week turns out to be true.  And the rumour?  That there are some photographs of a golfer dressed in women’s lingerie and ready for action.”

via [Popbitch]

As long as it isn’t my gorgeous, Coh-lohhhm-bian boy,  Camilo Villegas.  YAY! An excuse to post a pictures of  Camilo (another one of my Imaginary Boyfriends).

Camilo "Spiderman" Villegas

and one more for good measure…


Oh. Yeah. I am HUGE golf fan.  Heh.