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Scandal Rocks The C.I.A. & Real Life Olivia Pope to the Rescue

Kerry Washington and the REAL Olivia Pope, Judy Smith


I don’t watch ABC’s Scandal. I’m smack in the cross hairs of its demographic, but despite my love of Kerry Washington and the first couple of seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve never clicked with the Shonda Rhimes show.


Kerry/Olivia in Gucci

Though not a viewer, thanks to twitter I am well aware of the goings on of Olivia Pope and Co. That Gucci Coat was all that y’all had promised!

Rhimes has been open that the lead character is based on the career of Washington DC fixer Judy Smith. Monica Lewinsky and Michael Vick are but two of the clients Smith has crisis managed.

Well if the show is picked up for a third season, the writers will be some kind of busy.

Jill Kelley (whom I refuse to call a whistle-blower) has hired Smith. Venn diagrams and flow charts are necessary to adequately follow this scandal, but in essence Kelley is the Tampa woman who got the emails rolling in the Petraeus debacle.

Sidebar, asĀ Kelley’s brother David Khawam was giving after-dark interviews in a driveway, I was reminded to be eternally grateful that I come from a long line of closed lipped types.

Scandal airs on ABC Thursday at 10PM.