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Song of the Day – ‘Losing You’ By Solange


Solange is my favorite Knowles sister.  Sorry, Bey, but sometimes I don’t feel like being shouted at and being kicked in the eardrum. Sometimes I just want a nice smooth groove with a nice smooth-as-honey voice.

Take a listen to ‘Losing You‘ by Solange Knowles.  

I love her silly, funky clothing, her wild and natural hair, her genuinely delightful image in this video. Makes me wanna keep hitting the REPEAT button.


Thanks for the heads-up on this song, Hunter!

“Black Swan” Almost Made Me Hyperventilate – Review (sorta)

Bloody gorgeous...

My husband and I saw Black Swan last night, and I loved it so much, so bad, so hard–that I can’t even really talk about it.   My chest is still heaving.  Seriously.  I can’t talk about it…but I’ll drop some hints.

Hallucinatory realism.   Controlled insanity.  Refined self-destruction.  Voracious purging.  Raging uncertainty.  Jealous generosity.  Damaged perfection.

Black.  White.  Blood.