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Please Welcome Tiffany, Dipped In Cream’s Newest Intern!

Hey, it’s Tiffany!


I am a Microsoft employee working with game developers and user researchers – Together we quest, searching high and low, for gamers that fit the bill to shape the games of tomorrow. In short… I see you being geeky, and I thank you!

Motherhood:  It didn’t take long to realize my son Camlin, is clever to the core. Mothers of brilliance chronicle and articulate this coming of age in similar shades; typically a glorious genius will insure that there will be an obvious lack of witness in your conquering. It will be you… flying solo, in the thick of preparing the third menu item for lunch that day, with work hanging in the balance. Suddenly that side eyed, cheeky baby babble hits you square. You’ll then submit to wholly knowing, that you’ve been HAD. An omnipotent smile washes over you. Realizing you’ve had a hand in creating a darling soul who amounts to much more than the sum of your parts. And he… Is So Cool.

Happily Unmarried:  To a man with radiant taste in jewelry.

Things I would carry from a fire:  My family, my records, my typewriters. (Queue scene of Pee-wee, making multiple jaw dropping trips into the pet store. “Ssssssnaaaaakes!!“)



In addition, I watch train wreck television, and far too many documentaries. ENJOY!

Jimmy Fallon, Hostorians Indicate Lincoln’s Voice Was A Bit ‘Shrill’ – VIDEO

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln


I don’t know about you, but I always figured our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln had a deep, quiet tone to his voice.  Not true, says Lincoln historian, Harold Holzer.

via inquisitr.com

When the Lincoln trailer finally debuted, it caused a slight stir of confusion, as the voice Day-Lewis uses for the character seems a bit higher than we may have expected. “When we finally match the voice to the face, it almost seems a little bizarre to not only associate Lincoln with that higher voice, but to hear it come from Daniel “I Drink Your Milkshake” Day-Lewis,” remarked MTV News.

Day-Lewis was ultimately exonerated for his Lincoln voice, as famed Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer told Smithsonian Magazine that Lincoln’s voice was likely higher that we assume. “Lincoln’s voice, as far as period descriptions go, was a little shriller, a little higher,” Holzer said.

Let’s listen, shall we?


Pee-Wee Herman Lends His Voice to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer – Remains Flawless



Lord knows I love Pee-wee Herman…and if this awesomeness were in the real movie, I might be more excited for next week’s opening weekend of The Dark Knight.  Watch it with me, won’t you?


For all the lucky nerds out there who are at Comic-Con in San Diego right now, I’m sure you are checking out the the many Batmobiles and all the other goodies.  I still love Michael Keaton’s vehicle, don’t you?

Bottom left. WINNER.


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