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Patrick Stump was always the most talented one in Fall Out Boy…WATCH THIS VIDEO

Patrick (Pete WHO?) Stump

StupidPeteWentz seemed to always get all the attention back when people actually listened to Fall Out Boy.  Let’s face it…it was all about his emo haircut and nothing more.

Wow, Pete. Not all that cute.

(Pete’s sportin’ his “natural Jew Catholic-fro” these days. Not cute.) Patrick is the one with the VOICE.  Just because he was a bit chub, pale and had questionable facial hair, no one gave him credit for much of anything.  Uh….check him out NOW, y’all.

And I tell ya what.  This is blow yo mind:

Isn’t it nice to hear someone actually SING?  It’s like he’s just a dude up in his room, making a YouTube video for his classmates.  Love the mash-up, by the way.

And for old-time’s sake, here’s my favorite Fall Out Boy song:

I predict we’ll be seeing a New and Improved Patrick Stump solo cd very soon.