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The Men’s Wearhouse Gala Seattle 2011 – Picture Overload

My SilverFox and me

As usual, The Men’s Wearhouse Holiday Party at the Renaissance Seattle Hotel was fantastic last night.  I know.  All you guys care about are the pictures, so I’ll get to it.

My poor SilverFox husband was hit with a second round of a nasty cold Saturday night, but he put on a brave face and carried on handsomely.

My son, Alex’s store (Silverdale shout-out!) did well and was recognized with a couple awards.

Drew, Alex, Nolan and Nick. They love each other.
Nathan and My SilverFox
Mama and Alex (Felix's Dad)
Dayna and DivaJulia - The New AbFab?
Dayna's plate of bacon. Oh, and soup. What??

This is what happens when a camera is left on the table in front of Dayna…LOVE her.

Hey, Baby.
Mama J (aka DivaJulia, aka Mim)

I love wearing this dress (and I don’t squeeze into it very often!).  It’s early 60’s vintage as are the earrings.  I never wear my hair up, but asked McKenzie from my favorite salon, Sugardaddy’s to Mad Men me up, and I just loved the results!  (The pile of hairpins on the counter was hilarious, when I tried to take it down!)

Another fun (but exhausting) party...I guaran-effing-tee it.