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Jimmy Fallon as Justin Bieber, “(It’s Not My) Baby”

Jimmy Does Justin!

Photo via MTV.com

Just in case you missed it…this isn’t the first time that Jimmy Fallon has parodied the popular teen singer, he even got Justin Bieber to appear in one of his skits. This time, Jimmy/Justin sings about how the “kid is not his son”. [Editor’s Note: BRITTANI! What did I say about referencing Billie Jean ? – DivaJulia]

The verse from Black Thought is killer, and I laughed at Jimmy’s dancing. After watching The Biebs on Dancing With The Stars the other night, I’d say Jimmy does a better Justin than he does now.

Puberty sucks.

Weird Al’s Lady Gaga Parody Almost Didn’t Happen

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Perform This Way is a GO!


Weird Al Yankovic has a long history of parodying some of the greats. Madonna, MJ and James Brown just to name a few, but Lady Gaga, or rather her manager, almost put a stop to his version of “Born This Way“.

In a post on his blog, Yankovic revealed that Lady Gaga didn’t want him to release the song.

“As of this posting, I still don’t know specifically what kind of problem she has with the song (obviously I take a few jabs at her, but y’know, it’s satire – that’s how it’s supposed to work). And I’m especially confused as to why she waited until I actually recorded the song (at her insistence!) before saying no. It’s not like there were any surprises in the finished song that she couldn’t have foreseen by, you know, READING THE LYRICS.

A conventional release for the song and video would have also raised a nice chunk of change for the HRC – an organization which I have to assume Gaga supports. Hopefully, if fans enjoy hearing the song online, they’ll make a donation anyway.

My parodies have always fallen under what the courts call “fair use,” and this one was no different, legally allowing me to record and release it without permission. But it has always been my personal policy to get the consent of the original artist before including my parodies on any album, so of course I will respect Gaga’s wishes. However, given the circumstances, I have no problem with allowing people to hear it online, because I also have a personal policy not to completely waste my stinking time.”

Somebody’s mad!  Turns out though, it wasn’t Gaga who disapproved, it was her manger. He said no without actually asking her beforehand. Weird Al released the song on YouTube and apparently Gaga likes it. So he says.

Weird Al as Kurt Cobain

C’mon girl, even Kurt Cobain wasn’t upset over his Nirvana parody.

Ke$ha is an auto-tuned horseface.

If you smile, you might get a carrot. To EAT, dirty girl. Gyaaah.

I know.  I can’t believe I’m writing about this chick, either.  However, after seeing her lame ass on American Idol the other night I must say, she was bloody awful.  (Say that like Simon would.)

This thing called Ke$ha had the nerve to say THIS about Miss Britney Jean Spears:

“I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing. I would never do that to my fans. No offense to her specifically but people have asked me before to mime. I have been up at three in the morning for a television show with jet lag but I refuse to mime. It’s treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing. Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans. I don’t want to treat my fans like they are stupid.”

Hey Ke$ha?  Read THIS.

autotune 4826 up, 842 down love it hate it
April 29, 2009 Urban Word of the Day
Pitch correction software specifically for vocals that makes up for a lack of natural singing talent. 90% or more of all “professional” recordings use this software.
An extreme example is that horrific Cher song from a few years back, and the Kid Rock song where is voice is all fucked up. Used in moderation it can hardly be heard except by a trained ear.
Remember before autotune, when singers could actually sing?


Man, that chick sings so bad not even autotune can fix it.

God, she’s stupid. Here’s a little “Tik Tok” parody that made me smile.