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Lance Armstrong Confesses To Doping In Oprah Interview

Lance Armstrong. Sigh.


For over a decade, Lance Armstrong vehemently denied to using performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career. Now he has finally come forward to the truth in an interview with Oprah Winfrey set to air on her OWN network. There had been much speculation about what their interview would entail,  ABC News and USA Today are confirming, citing some unnamed sources, that Armstrong let the cat out of the bag on Monday for the taped interview.

An anonymous person familiar with the situation didn’t discuss specifics of  what Armstrong said, but reported to CNN that he was emotional at times throughout the conversation. Armstrong sent a text to the Associated Press early Saturday morning saying: I told her (Winfrey) to go wherever she wants and I’ll answer the questions directly, honestly, candidly. That’s all I can say.”  And we’re sure she did.


The taping session began around 2 p.m. in Austin, Texas, after they finished Oprah tweeted,Just wrapped with @lancearmstrong More than 2 1/2 hours . He came READY!” She is scheduled to appear on ‘CBS This Morning’ on Tuesday to discuss the interview, which as she has said will be edited down to 90 minutes.

The disgraced cyclist gathered with about 100 Livestrong Foundation staffers at their Austin headquarters for a meeting where he issued a sincere and heartfelt apology.” “It generated lots of tears,” spokeswoman Katherine McLane said, adding that he “took responsibility” for the trouble he has caused the foundation. He was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from the sport for life by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in October 2012. A government source tells ABC News that Armstrong is now talking with authorities about paying back some of the US Postal Service money from sponsoring his team. He is also talking to authorities about confessing and naming names, giving up others involved in illegal doping. Well, I guess now is as good a time as ever to start snitching.



The “no-holds-barred” interview will air Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on OWN. This is going to cut into ‘Scandal’ . so I”ll catch the first hour of it.

Will you be watching Lance squirm and cry?


Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Career On Hold for Personal Reasons. Oh, okay.

Nice "sad-face", A-Hole.

That photo up there?  You see it?  Yeah, it could be the best piece of acting Arnold has ever done in his career.  It’s the old “I’m sorry I got CAUGHT“-face.  (Unless we count all the times he cheated on Maria, then it’s a toss-up.)

Ack.  My head hurts and the last a-hole I feel like writing about is Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Seriously? He has to make an official announcement that he’s putting his career on hold for awhile?  Huh?  You don’t say! Are you SURE?  I don’t know…it doesn’t add up. (Thank you, Daniel Tosh for that last line.)

All I know is that there is an entire family directly involved in this pile of crap (and a kid who’s in for a lot of unwanted attention, I’ll bet) who are all going to suffer hard for this big goon’s “transgressions”. Yeah, THANKS, Tiger Woods, for that word.  Oddly enough though, having numerous extra-marital affairs and having a kid or three (just wait, you guys…there will be more), doesn’t a “transgression” make.  I’d say it’s a more like a nuclear disaster on the home-front, but that’s just ME.

Thank goodness, our boys at South Park can at least make us smile a little bit. Oh, Matt and Trey.  It’s never “too soon” as far as you’re concerned, is it?

Almost makes me miss the Trainwreck Named Charlie Sheen. Not really.

David Sedaris being darling and hilarious on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEOS]

Oh! What a lovely Christmas present idea! You shouldn't have! (But by all means, please DO!)

Is it really too much ask, that before I die, I’d like to spend the holidays with David Sedaris and his sister, Amy?  Really?  I don’t think it should be that difficile for someone to arrange this for me. I could listen to him for hours. Days, even.

That being said, here’s David Sedaris on Jimmy Kimmel, discussing the sound of failure, amongst some other gems…

via ABC

Part deux:

And how darling is this??

Illustrations look familiar?? Oh, Ian Falconer.

Okay, I do have a David Sedaris story. Stephen, Patrick and I went to see him do a reading at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. (Which is usually pronounced “Beeny Royal Hall” ’round these parts.) So. We’re waiting in the gorgeous lobby and spot that little (alleged!) a-hole Mike Myers. Yeah, Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, blah blah blah.  I was a little excited about it, then we took our seats.  Patrick got up to pee after awhile and came back with Mike’s autograph, apparently chatting it up with him in the Boy’s Room.  Patrick told Mike that he brought his “mentally challenged sister, Julia to see David and would he please write a personal note?”  Patrick tells me this entire story during the intermission, my mouth agape, and hands me a note that says, “Keep Smiling, Julia! Love, Mike Myers”.  I could not believe Patrick went to the crazy-ass trouble to make up such a story–but I did believe it–hook, line and bloody sinker.

Patrick and his "Mentally Challenged Sister, Julia".

Patrick’s a mean, mean, funny-mean lying little queer.  And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

The End.