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Johnny Depp Named GQ’s Most Stylish Man in the World

Oh, Johnny Depp.
Oh, Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp has been named GQ Magazine’s Most Stylish Man.  Oddly enough, he’s not wearing a shirt on the cover of the issue — oh, I get it.  Irony.   Call me a cynic, but I think choosing Johnny Depp as The Most Stylish Man is more about selling magazines than anything else.  Considering I subscribe to GQ and Esquire, I can’t say I’ve seen Johnny’s particular brand of vintage-thrift store-unwashed hair-Keith Richards’ jewelry-scuffed old shoes on their editorial pages.  Oh! That was harsh, man.

I’m just sayin’.  George Clooney has a better sense of style; David Beckham dresses impeccably on and off the pitch. Sure, they were both listed amongst the 25 Most Stylish, but seriously?

I’m waiting for my office to get egged for this post.  When do I EVER say anything negative about Johnny?  This is what happens when you happen to be a men’s clothing ho like I am…pssssh.