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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up


I don’t expect to see to anyone shouting “LOVE IS DEAD” over this one, but the almost two-year relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is over, People and E! News confirm.

She broke up with him about a week ago,” a source tells People. “With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues. It’s not easy, but the relationship needed to end.”

“Dear gawd he looks like more of a girl than she does…” ~ Brittani, The Girl You Want


There might be more to the breakup than that. After performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show earlier this week, Bieber was spotted out with VS model Barbara Pavin at a showing of ‘The Lion King‘ on Broadway and at a night club. Gomez wasn’t too happy to hear about this, tweeting a picture of Justin with Barbara and his friend Lil’ Twist together with the caption done LMAO.” Whoops. Palvin responded to reports with a simple tweet saying, hey everyone. please calm down. he’s all yours!! 🙂 please 🙂. These people are adults, apparently.

Both ladies involved could do a lot better. Maybe Selena should hookup with her friend Taylor Swift to write a break-up song or two.

Justin Bieber gets sprayed on TV in New Zealand

By: DivaJulia

Bieber, looking down his nose.

I used to babysit a kid when I was 13, who would flip the eff OUT if his clothing got the slightest bit damp. I mean, he’d go ape-shit. Screaming, crying, flailing, the whole bit.  I had never seen such a thing, and had actually forgotten about it until today.

I give you–Justin Bieber, being sorta “Punk’d” on a New Zealand TV show:

Big. Fat. Sissy.  (And I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” gets widest domestic release EVER in Hollywood history! PICTURES

"Eclipse" is gonna make a butt-load. The End.
Sparkly and Surly. (AKA Edward and Bella?)

Oh boy….today is The Day for the Twihards.  Clearly, I’m not a Twitard (not sure that was a typo–don’t hate), but I do have an Edward doll down in my guest room that belongs to my Best Gay, Patrick.  So, I suppose you could say that we are Team Edward?  Oh, wait.  Patrick has switched teams (not in that way, you homosexuals)!  He actually likes Taylor Snoutner Lautner now.  Fickle gay.  Redundant much?

Oh. Dear. Lord.

ANYgay.   Sounds like Eclipse is gonna spray through the roof, so to speak.

via MTV.com:

“Deadline Hollywood reports that “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” has already earned its first record without even officially landing in theaters. According to the report, “Eclipse” is currently slated to open in 4,416 theaters across North America, making it the single widest domestic release in Hollywood history. That same record was most recently held by Marvel Studios and Paramount’s “Iron Man 2,” which initially unspooled in 4,380 locations. Before that, “The Dark Knight” held the record in 2008 with 4,366 theaters.

There is currently no official count of how many locations plan to launch “Eclipse” with midnight showings on Wednesday (June 30).

Having already sunk its fangs into one record, the David Slade-directed “Eclipse” is well poised to cement its status in Hollywood history as it launches into theaters this week. In November, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” enjoyed a massive $140 million opening weekend, more than doubling the initial numbers for the first “Twilight” film. With the summer season in full session, there’s no telling how much damage “Eclipse” could do at the box office.”

Okay.  If there are any Twightlight fans out there, feel free to email your review of Eclipse at: divajulia@dippedincream.com, mmkay?  Maybe y’all will get published!