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Casting News: Benicio Del Toro To Portray Pablo Escobar

Benicio Del Toro to play Pablo Escobar


Academy award winner Benicio Del Toro is set to play King of Cocaine Pablo Escobar.

According to Variety, Paradise Lost will primarily depict a romance between Nick, a young surfer and a woman named Maria he meets in Colombia. Maria will just so happen to be the niece of the man whose drug empire brutalized the South  American country for a quarter century.

Producer Dmitri Rassam says the film will:

“…have a narrative structure in the vein of  The Last King of Scotland, weaving Nick and Maria’s romance with Nick’s ambivalent and destructive relationship with Escobar”.

Having read and enjoyed “Killing Pablo”, by Mark Bowden, I still hope that Joe Carnahan’s (The Grey) script based on that book will make it to the big screen.  In the meantime I hope that the young lovers of Paradise Lost spend plenty of time at her Uncle’s place.

The film will begin shooting in Panama in March.


Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Home Turned Into Museum and Theme Park

Entrance to the Escobar “Them Park”. Very strange.


A small town in Colombia has decided to monetize a sordid part of its past by turning the personal playground of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar into a museum and wild life park.

Escobar died the way he lived, during a bloody gun battle in 1993. The path of destruction he paved on the way to amassing his 3 billion dollar fortune was unparalleled. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Colombia was at the mercy of Escobar, those who were not in his pocket, including judges and other high ranking government officials, were killed.

Yet Oberdan Martinez, the administrator of the the theme park and museum insists:

This site does not glorify Pablo Escobar, but what he did is part of our history.”Telling  the Global Post in 2010, “We are paying homage to his victims.

The property is 7,000 acres and despite the decaying condition of many of the structures, the opulent lifestyle of its former owner is still on full display. A helicopter and guard tower over look a bullfighting ring and butterfly conservatory, and hippos and monkeys still roam the grounds.

Park officials hope the number of visitors, some 65,000 in 2009, will greatly increase.

One of the ways that might happen is if the critically acclaimed book Killing Pablo by Mark Bowden is finally brought to the big screen. Joe Caranahan (The Grey, A-Team) had written a script as of last spring , but I’ve heard little about the project since. In my fantasy world the supremely talented Cliff Curtis, who played Pablo in Blow, would be given the role again.

So DivaJulia, should I sign you up for a tour of Cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco’s old stomping grounds?

[Editor’s Note: Yes, Kia. Make the arrangements.]