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Oreo Posts A Gay Pride Cookie, Idiots Panic

Oreo - Proudly support love.


Nabisco/Kraft caught the ire of a number of anti-gay morons on Monday when they posted a picture of an Oreo filled with rainbow creme to celebrate gay pride. The text under the cookie, which isn’t a real thing, yet, read “Proudly support love.” They also tweeted the cookie, but the Facebook post received more than 162,000 Likes and 21,000 comments. Despite that, not everyone was a fan.

Some commented that they would boycott Oreo the cookie, “I‘m never eating Oreos again. This is just disgusting,” one commenter said. Others said they would also stop supporting other members of the Kraft family, which includes A1 Steak Sauce and Cool Whip. UGH! Yes, let’s just boycott all these delicious products because the company that makes them supports gay rights. There is actually a petition for Oreo to start making the rainbow creme cookies. You can sign it here.

This would be cute, and as much as I love Oreos, seven layers of creme would be a bit too much. Maybe they can find a way to blend the colors down to one of two layers.