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President Obama hit in the mouth – 12 stitches required

Ow, dude.

Oh, simmer down, I was just tryna get your attention.

President Obama was just playin’ basketball today and took an elbow to the mouth during the game.  Can you imagine how the dude who elbowed him is feeling right about now?  In my head, he’s publicly embarrassed, but privately, I think he’s giggling.

President Obama was treated at the on-site White House medical facility and required a whopping twelve stitches.  That’s gotta hurt.

I love inappropriate laughter.

Alicia Keys…Fallin’ ON STAGE at Essence Music Festival

By: Brittani ~ The Girl You Want

Girl. Watch your STEP.

The expectant mom took a tumble during her set at the Essence Music Festival on Saturday. You can even see Alicia’s backup singers flinch, yikes.

I have to give it to Alicia though, she recovered quickly and kept singing.   Hopefully she and her baby are okay, but you can still add your own “I keep on fallin”  joke here!