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Who Was Sent Home On ‘The X Factor’ ?


Just as I did last year, I have really given up on ‘The X Factor.’ The change in judges and hosts didn’t help, and the “talent” seems even more questionable this time around. My biggest issue is the way the contestants get treated and the fact that there is no real mentoring going on here. If there was, the singers would be getting better and I wouldn’t look forward to some of them getting the boot. But I digress, so who was sent home during this “shocking” elimination?

Paige Thomas was the first to find out she was being sent home. Just like that. The show hadn’t been on for more than 5 minutes and they got rid of her. Paige wasn’t bad, she just wasn’t that good and was doing too much to try to distract from the fact that she wasn’t a good singer. Isn’t that de rigueur these days though?

That means that Demi Lovato has but one singer left in the competition, Cece Frey, whose presence on this show continues to baffle me.


Before the rest of the results were announced, there were performances from first season alum Josh Krajcik. Oh, you don’t remember him either? Weird that he got to perform on the show, or even record a single, before winner Melanie Amaro.

Then Alicia Keys made me wish I was deaf by performing Girl On Fire yet again! I like you A.Keys, but please stop doing this to us.

[Editor’s Note: DivaJulia is snort-laughing and agreeing with Brittani ~ The Girl You Want, 100%. Gawd.  Between G.O.F. and “Somebody Left the GATE OH-PUHHN”, there are bloody eardrums everywhere.]

So it came down to one of the two singers L.A. Reid and Britney Spears have left on the show, Vino Alan and Diamond White. Diamond chose Beyonce‘s “I Was Here” to sing for her life. She performed it like it was her swan song, but she got through it okay.

Vino sang Ray LaMontagne‘s “Trouble” which fit his voice perfectly and was much better than his performance Wednesday night. L.A. is the only one that voted to send home Diamond, so that meant it was Vino’s last performance on the show. The rankings for this week are pretty much the same as they were last week.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
2. Tate Stevens
3. Emblem3
4. Fifth Harmony
5. Cece Frey
6. Diamond White

Do agree with the judges and voters decision? Should they just go ahead and crown Carly Rose the winner? Let us know!