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Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry Fight At Halle Berry’s Home – Aubry Arrested

Happy Dysfunctional Thanksgiving


It wasn’t a happy Thanksgiving for Halle Berry as her fiance Olivier Martinez fought with her ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubry at her Hollywood Hills home on Thursday. Aubry was arrested for investigation of battery and then released on $20,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on on December 13th.

According to reports, Gabriel arrived at Halle’s home Thanksgiving morning to drop off their daughter Nahla, then he and Olivier got into an altercation.  Martinez, 46, suffered a broken hand and neck injuries and Aubry, 36, received a broken rib and possible head injury.

Both were later treated at the hospital. Gabriel attacked Olivier and Olivier defended himself,” a source tells People. After he was released from the hospital he was booked for a private persons arrest for battery. Additionally, People confirms that an emergency protective order was granted requiring Aubry to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla.

Halle has been fighting to bring Nahla to France with her, but her request was denied by a judge last month. Berry maintained that France was a safer place for her and her child to live because the country has stronger paparazzi laws. No doubt that this may have played a part in the fight, but why are people blaming Halle for two grown ass men going WWF in her home?

My hope is that Nahla witnessed none of this and these people get it together for her sake.