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Backstreet Boys for Old Navy ‘Rockstar’ Skinny Jeans

Hate all you want; BSB is looking GOOD.


Everybaaaah-daaaay…rock your baaah-daaay.” I’m takin’ the stroll down Memory Lane, y’all.  I certainly AM.

Check out Backstreet Boys in the newest Old Navy ad.  (I’m stunned, too, that I’ve mentioned Old Navy twice in one bloody day–the HELL?) ANYcheapskinnyjeansthatIwear. These dudes look pretty gotdamn good.  ALL of them.

Listen, I was Team BSB back in the day (when I was too old even then to like boybands, but that didn’t stop ANY of us) and I own it.  I don’t think you could get all the members of  n*sync together in one room and say the same. Right?


And YES. I saw BSB twice in the year 2000. What. OF. It?

Backstreet’s back, ALL RIGHT!

Britney Spears Shops At Old Navy Just Like US!

Awww…Britney’s just like us, you guys.

Daaayumm, Britney!  High heels, short shorts and tight sweater…only you could pull this look off!  (Okay, I’m cringing a little.)

Seems our girl likes to pick up some cheap inexpensive clothes for her boys at Old Navy just like the rest of us normal folks. Here she is in Los Angeles yesterday trottin’ through the parkin’ lot.

Them legs look ssshhhtrong, right?