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Planking. All the Kids are Doing it…


With the possibility of there not being an NFL season this year, and NBA is close to another lockout, the latest “sports” craze is planking.

What, you ask? Planking, also known as “The Lying Down Game” and “Face Downs“, first became popular in North East England in 2009, according to Wikipedia. Basically, people lay face down on the ground, benches, etc., much like a plank. It caught on here in the states when when a group of students from the Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianpolis held a game of planking and posted it on YouTube. (These kids were in college, let’s soak that in for a minute.)

America's Got Planking.

Since then it has become some what of an internet phenomenon, with people posting pictures of themselves planking across tables, hand dryers and sinks in public bathrooms and across cars.

It’s stupid and harmless, for the most part, but why is this so popular? It would make sense if people just wanted to show off their fabulous yoga skills, but this fad has resulted in at least one death.

In May of this year, a man in Brisbane, Australia plunged to his death after planking on the seventh floor balcony of a building. Remember when the stupidest thing kids did was ride their bikes without helmets? I guess what makes this so annoying to me is that celebrities, and “black Twitter” has caught on to this phenomenon rather late.

Basketball star, Dwight Howard planking on a plane. (Sponsored by T-Mobile?)

Singer Usher recently tweeted a picture of his sons planking across a piano. Not the babies!

Urrrrrsher's kids planking on a piano. Looks like they're simply lying down.

While it simply irks me that people are just now finding out about this, others have taken to talking about the racial history of planking. Slaves were planked, stacked on top of each other in very tight spaces, while being shipped to America. Whichever way you look at it, it’s just plain stupid!



I know it’s just another internet fad that will soon pass, in fact it might be on it’s way out now that “cone-ing” is starting to get press. See, cone-ing is when people order an ice cream cone at a fast food place and grab it by the top, you know just grab the ice cream. While that is a waste of money and ice cream, it is funny if only for the reaction videos. As long as the internet exists, people will film themselves doing weird things if it guarantees them a little notoriety.

Now you damn kids,  stop planking on my lawn!

[Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to announce that Brittani has turned into an old biddy just like me. ~ DivaJulia]

Demi Moore, Please Sit Down Somewhere

These two losers...

I’m all for women of a certain age getting or keeping their groove.  However, at some point, it’s time to let the younger girls have the spotlight.  I’m not sure who to blame for this, Snoop Dogg for letting her up there.?  Ashton for not stopping this sooner?  Demi, for thinking she could drop it like it’s hot?  You decide.

via People.com

The couple were on stage with the rapper last weekend in Las Vegas, and Demi decided to show the audience how she gets Ashton not to steal her Social Security checks. Kutcher tweeted (of course he did) “Why am I on stage with @snoopdogg in Vegas?” Yeah, why are you? You know Snoop, half-assed verses on Katy Perry songs and hanging out with these two aren’t doing much for your rep these days.

I don’t really think you can call what Demi was doing dancing. It was more like an over-exaggerated way of trying to get her underwear out of her butt. It’s kind of sad how the 47-year old kept going over to her hubby for validation. “I’m shaking it, right, baby?!  I’m shaking it!”  She’s lucky she didn’t break her ass, or a hip. Okay, “old jokes” aside, you know she wasn’t dancing like this when she was with Bruce Willis.

p.s. DivaJulia is sulking over in the corner with her sciatica after hearing all those “old biddy” jokes.  SNORT.