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Monica Lewinsky is Writing A Tell-All (Sort Of) and Kato Kaelin Says ‘OJ Killed Nicole’

Oh, the good ol’ days…Bill and Monica in the Oval Office.


In today’s trip down memory lane, we visit with Monica Lewinsky and Kato Kaelin. One major and one minor character in two of the biggest sagas of the nineties.

Monica Lewinsky, apparently tired of running from her history, is shopping a tell all memoir. According to Newsday, the proceedings are very hush hush, complete with non disclosure agreements to even engage in talks with America’s most famous intern. The other players in the melodrama that shook President Clinton’s presidency and brought him to the edge of impeachment are publicly thriving.

Even the wholly reprehensible Linda Tripp has found a successful career as the proprietor of a shop selling Christmas collectibles in the monied enclave of Middleburg, VA (known to Project Runway Season 1 fans as home to Wendy Pepper). What tone this book will take is anyone’s guess. But as someone a couple of years younger than Monica who had a number of questionable romantic entanglements in my 20’s, I’m hoping she is triumphant in her second act.

We miss you, Mr. Dunne.

Total aside, but visions of ladies who lunch, clad in equestrian gear, buying $1,000 tree ornaments make me miss Dominick Dunne. Then again, maybe not so much an aside as a segue, because of Dunne’s epic coverage of the OJ Simpson murder trial.

Oh. So NOW he says OJ did it.

Which brings us to America’s most famous house guest, Kato Kaelin. He is talking and the one and only Cindy Adams and she is listening. His mumbling testimony during the 1995 trial, which accused OJ of killing his ex wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman, had Kato declared a hostile witness. Seventeen years later, he is loud and clear and in his belief that OJ did it.

So I’m twisting the top back on the time capsule. Unless Tonya Harding is up to some particularly ratchet activities I need to fill you in on.