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Jennifer Aniston Cuts Her Hair (Eyeroll…)

Aniston in Spain

Photos: INF

First it was Justin Bieber, who cut his precious hair yesterday, now this? Nevermind that there are horrific earthquakes in New Zealand, Somali pirates killing innocent folks on their boat, and whales washing up on the shore and dying in droves…Jennifer Aniston cut her hair, and apparently we just want to self-soothe and rock ourselves in the corner with our laptops by obsessing about THIS idiocy.

The tanned, lonely spinster cut her hair and showed up with the chopped brassiness in Spain while whoring out that awful Adam Sandler movie.  Bigger news than Moammar Kadafi refusing resign as head Cockroach of Libya.

And the full-length photo of the Cat Lady.

Ever feel like what you do with your day is a complete and utter waste?  I’m sure YOU don’t…you aren’t the one actually writing about this drivel.

Hey! Tosh.0 is on tonight!  That’ll make me feel better for 23 minutes.

Separated at Birth – Pete Burns and Megan Fox. My Eyes are Bleeding. Help.

Who walks around with that expression? Besides Pete and Megan, I mean.

I know, you guys…but Cher and Pete would’ve been too easy.  Megan is younger and is well on her way to Spinning in Right Round, baby.

‘Member when we though Pete looked questionable back in the day?

I’ll still take Cher any day. Courtney’s not the “last bitch standing” — CHER is. Oh, and as hard as Megan tries to look like Angelina? No. And HELL no.

Katie Holmes as Jackie O and 4 year-old Suri is still swaddled and carried in her blankie.

We GET it, Katie. You're a MOM! Put Stinkfoot DOWN already!

Oh forpitysake.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Katie Holmes has been cast and is working on a mini-series  about Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.  Honk shoooo.  The mini-series will be under scrutiny, both for Katie’s wardrobe and whether or not she duplicate Jackie’s odd manner of “whisper-speak”.  Nothing else will matter.  (Aside from a really bad performance?)

What I’d really like to address, though,  the issue of FOUR YEAR OLD Suri, who wears high heels and red lipstick at times, but yet is carted about in the arms of her parents in the heat of summer, wrapped up in her one-time use Little Giraffe blankets at ALL TIMES.  I actually picture a giant-sized Kleenex box filled with these $90.00 blankets for each day’s use.  Some are snowy white, some are baby pink…depending on Suri’s demands.  Cray cray.  It’s not as if Katie and Suri don’t have a crap-load of  He Man bodyguards surrounding them, and lest we forget, Katie and Suri are clearly on set of this (possibly eye-rollingly bad) mini-series.

Spoiled Little Brat.