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Cancer Sucks. But These Women Are HEROES.

Kristin (L) and Hilary (R) – Beautiful Friends


My dear friend and colleague,  Hilary Sherpherd  has followed through with the promise she made several weeks ago and has shaved her head in honor of  someone very special to her.  I’ll let  Hilary tell the story in her words. First…the video of the process!  How perfect is it that David Bowie’s “CHANGES” was playing while Kristin did the honors of shaving Hilary’s head?

“On September 17, 2012, my friend Kristin, a 28-year-old wife and mother of two young daughters, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon hearing this news, there was only one thing I could think of doing… shaving my head! I don’t have money to help with medical bills, and I don’t live close enough to her to help with dinner or childcare, but I knew in my heart that I HAD to do something. So, I decided to shave my head.


All this hair was donated to Locks of Love by Hilary!


Head shaving doesn’t cost money, and it’s totally not permanent – you know, like losing a boob to cancer is; it was the least I could do. 




People are telling me I’m awesome, and how great of a friend I am, but all I really see is a need for love to be filled. I’m super-duper compassionate (a trait I learned from my parents and am extremely proud of), and I have tons of empathy for the struggles of my fellow human.

However, I am not the type of person to sit on a couch and cry. Life sucks – deal with it. Of course I have feelings, and I long for my friends and family to only know happiness. But when it comes to distress, I’m not always sure what to do; my natural reaction is to shake my fist at the Gods and curse the Universe. My shaved head is the result of such a reaction.

Hilary had most of Facebook  in tears of jubilation last night as we got a minute-by-minute update, and it was roundly decided that she was a badass for honoring Kristin this way.  She donated THIRTEEN INCHES of hair to Locks of Love--just an added act of  true beauty.

Kristin is a hero for coming out of the black hole of cancer like a true champion.  As such, our Song of the Day is David Bowie’s ‘HEROES’.
I love you, Becky.  I’m honored to be your friend.

Oh My God, Becky, It’s Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Birthday! (Which Means It’s Big Butt Day!)

Baby Got BACK!


I think we all need to thank Seattle’s own Sir Mix-a-Lot for writing these words:

So Cosmo says you’re fat
Well I ain’t down with that!
‘Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin’


Seriously, Becky. Look. At. That. Butt.   Hell yeah, it’s mine, back when I had a nice big butt. (Don’t worry, the way I’m inhaling the Magnum ice-cream bars from our brand new 7-Eleven down the street, I’ll be packin’ before ya know it!)

“Shake that healthy butt…”

Happy 49th Birthday, Sir!

Kanye traded BALD for BOOBIES and ARSE.

By: Cate K.

Seriously? Size JJ-cup for JUMBO.

Meet Kanye West’s new squeeze. Shay has two big assets going for her -and they don’t include her intelligence and sense of humour. (Is something a but off with one of her eyes?)

The trash-talkin’ rapper broke up with Glamzilla girlfriend Amber Rose last month and reportedly paid her a big chunk o’cash (in the seven-figure range) to keep quiet about their relationship.

Kanye and Amber Rose

Now Kanye’s gone done and found himself a new gal. The Kenyan-born, British-based Shay is described as a “glamour model”, which, if memory serves correct, is what Brits calls the fine gals who appear on Page 3 of The Sun. Oh, and she’s already been in a (rather awful) hip-hop video.

Not only does Shay work with kids (eyeroll), but she insists she hasn’t had any extra surgical help with her… assets. (Really? Then how come they stand at attention even when you’re lying on your back?)

Kanye and Shay...

Every single report is deeming it necessary to list her measurements (cue male drool at the mention of the double-J cup), though it strikes me that they’re probably not quite accurate. Really boys, it’s only a 26-inch waist with Photoshop in the room, and that ain’t sour grapes, either; it’s the general rule for most glamour model photography.

DOUBLE J-CUP? What about that booty? I cuold serve Christmas Dinner on that thang.

Still, good on the ever-fashion-conscious Kanye for choosing someone who is clearly… not thin, but rather, lush, full, and looks like she regularly kills platefuls of chips down at the pub.

Not gonna hate.

Now she’ll be able to eat lots of chips –gold-plated ones. Right?