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Sideshow Bob, errr, RIHANNA has bronchitis and laryngitis–still performing at Grammy Awards

RiRi at the Grammy Awards Brunch Saturday

I hate to be a cynic (not really; it’s part of my charm), but sometimes I think certain artists make excuses for a poor live spectacle BEFOREHAND, so they have justification for their crap singing–OR, get a big pat on the back for being oh, so poised and professional just in case they DO pull off a decent performance.

Rihanna has made a small statement that she’s got “bronchitis and laryngitis, boo“, via her Twitter account.

via NYDN:

“Despite reports that she might pull out of the event, the 22-year-old singer told her Twitter followers that she plans to perform Sunday with rapper Eminem.

“Bronchitis and laryngitis boo!” she tweeted. “I’m still goin to rehearsals tho! Sunday is everything.”

We’ve been warned, y’all.  Where are my earplugs?  Oh, I guess I could hit the MUTE button.

Separated at Birth – Pete Burns and Megan Fox. My Eyes are Bleeding. Help.

Who walks around with that expression? Besides Pete and Megan, I mean.

I know, you guys…but Cher and Pete would’ve been too easy.  Megan is younger and is well on her way to Spinning in Right Round, baby.

‘Member when we though Pete looked questionable back in the day?

I’ll still take Cher any day. Courtney’s not the “last bitch standing” — CHER is. Oh, and as hard as Megan tries to look like Angelina? No. And HELL no.