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Amy Winehouse – ‘Our Day Will Come’ Tribute Video Released Today

Oh, Amy...

You know, some celebrity deaths hurt more than others.

I was right on board with Amy Winehouse before any of my friends had even heard of this gifted but addicted young woman.  I’m not tryna act like I “discovered” her, it’s just that I was so taken with Amy right from the git go.  I was in a dark, dark place in my head back in 2007 and Back to Black hit the (black) spot in my psyche.

I’m feeling better for the most part, but still. Hearing Amy’s voice makes me ache, and probably always will.



Sigh.  I thought I wanted Back to Black to be Amy’s final legacy and didn’t want to hear or see anymore.  Now I want more.  I never want it to end…

Oh…and for those of you who are interested, I’ve been speaking with my son, Hunter several times a week.  He’s still in rehab; he’ll be coming home in 13 days.  I’m feeling cautiously positive, but he sounds amazing.