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‘Mad Men’ Round Up! Cast Hits The New York Stock Exchange

The cast and creator of AMC‘s Mad Men got to ring the opening bell at the NYSE Wednesday morning. The show’s stars have been on a whirlwind press tour to promote the upcoming season, appearing on the Today show and giving behind the scenes tours of their 60’s set for ABC‘s Nightline. It was nice to see Don, Jon Hamm, interacting with his ex-wife Betty, January Jones and daughter Sally, Kiernan Shipka. Joan, Christina Hendricks, and Roger, John Slattery, were there too!

The cast also covers the latest issue of Newsweek for a special retro issue.

The magazine features “vintage” ads with companies like Dunkin Donuts and Allstate, and a story by Eleanor Clift who recalls her days at Newsweek back in the 1960’s.

Mr. Slattery covers the April Issue of GQ, along with Drake and Dave Franco. Yes, James‘ little brother. John wears a suit just as well as Roger Sterling does, and says that the delay of the fifth season of the show wasn’t as dramatic as people made it out to be. 

“It wasn’t so much a showdown. That whole thing was a lot of bullshit. AMC was always going to put the show on…The press took one story and ran with it, which is that Matt was holding out for a lot of money. And that wasn’t really the truth. It wasn’t about Matt’s deal.”

Meanwhile, Jon appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday where him and Jimmy played a little game of Water Wars, which was mostly them throwing water at each other. There’s nothing better than a wet Hamm.

Mad Men returns to TV Sunday night on AMC with a special two-hour premiere starting at 9 p.m. We’ll be watching, will you?