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Rihanna Rocks Blue Lipstick, Mainstream Media Is Scandalized, I Roll My Eyes

Rihanna River Island
You go, RiRi!


Earlier this week, Rihanna‘s fashion sense struck again. This time at both the NYFW debut of her perfume ‘Rogue’ and UK launch of her River Island collection. What threw trend-spotters and gossip mags into a tizzy? The pure audacity of RiRi to wear lipstick in a shade too out of the ordinary to possibly be acceptable. I’m talking BLUE, bitches. Oh, the humanity! Someone fetch my fainting couch, quick! Or not, because, seriously? GET OVER IT. Not only can Rihanna pull off blue lipstick thanks to her IDGAF attitude, but the shade she chose actually compliments her skin tone. So what is everyone so upset about?!

It’s all about the mainstream, folks, and how they just can’t keep up. Even with old school makeup trends that have been around since the days of Punk or even before. If there’s one thing you can say about Rihanna, it’s that she’s a die hard makeup fan down to try anything; she’s certainly┬ánot afraid of the colorful or unusual.

Most cosmetic connoisseurs, like myself, have been there, done that, and chosen our favorites. Makeup used to be about having fun and looking cool while doing so, something I think tends to be forgotten in the age of airbrush and drastic contouring. I suggest all the naysayers (you too!) give it a go before automatically labeling blue lipstick as “crazy” or “gross”. After all, I”m pretty sure the same thing was said about dark purple lips in the recent past. Just don’t get me started on RiRi’s new “penis clutch”.

Me in "Apocalips" by Illamasqua, a teal blue
Me in “Apocalips” by Illamasqua, a teal blue