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What is up with all of these celebrity nude photo leaks?

Yep. Those pics are of ScarJo.

Well, seems you’re no one until you’ve had nude pictures leak. Over the summer a series of pictures of Blake Lively surfaced on the net, although her reps claimed that it wasn’t her. Just as she had started dating Leonardo DiCaprio and was promoting her last movie ‘The Green Lantern’. Coincidence? Maybe, but either she or the sneaky thief had good timing. While it is usually assumed that celebs leak these pictures themselves, turns out there is a group of hackers who are targeting stars and their personal pics.

A couple of days ago, pictures of a nude Scarlett Johansson in a bathroom hit the web and reportedly we could be seeing some “seductive” shots of Justin Timberlake taken by his ‘Friends With Benefits’ co-star Mila Kunis. I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to those.  [Editor’s Note: DivaJulia IS looking forward to JT and Mila’s pics of they hit the internet, because she’s pervy like that.] 

While it’s easy to say “well don’t take naked pictures of yourself!“, how about we blame the people that hack into cellphones and steal these pictures in the first place, then use them to try to humiliate, or in some cases extort, them.  I like Scarlett, and have seen her naked, or nearly, in movies and photoshoots so this wasn’t anything shocking. But unlike in those cases, this was done without her permission. That’s the point!

Sources close to Johansson have said that the FBI has been contacted because her and her people believe that it’s a criminal act. The FBI has been involved with other picture leaks of actress, including Jessica Alba. Okay, when the government gets involved, you know it’s as serious a third nipple.

Hide yo laptops, hide yo iPhones. They coming for your nudie pics, Hollywood!