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Johnny Depp Cameo in “21 Jump Street” Movie?

I still turn into a 7th grade girl when Johnny looks this good.

Sounds like Dreamboat Johnny Depp might just be doing a cameo in the 21 Jump Street movie that’s being filmed for a Spring 2012 release.  It’s starring Jonah Hill (ugh), Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Brie Larson, Rob Riggle, DeRay Davis, Jake Johnson and Dave Franco (James’s darling brother).

Personally, I never watched the  21 Jump Street TV show back in the day.  That’s because I was a fairly humorless, pregnant mother with a stick up my butt, I guess.  It seemed totally implausible to me that these adults would fit in as high-schoolers, then go arresting kids by the lockers for selling weed in gym class.


"Don't worry. I'LL catch whoever did this to you!" Bleh. Dana Delany's dumb show.

Wait. I’ve still got the “that would never happen!” stick up my butt about crap on TV, like that lame-ass Dana Delany show, Body of Proof on ABC.  My head damn-near explodes when I see her Medical Examiner character act all bad-assy, nosy, and barking at the cops involved in the homicide case.  Seriously?  Since when does the CORONER get snippy with the lead investigator on a murder case and brazenly take on the job of finding the killer?? Full. Body. Eyeroll. Oh, and if I see that commercial where Dana’s character says, “I’m the Medical Examiner and I’ll nail you to the WALL!“, I’m gonna flip right out.  Gyaaaaah!!

Ooops.  Off topic.

The Original "21 Jump Street" - FOX

So yeah.  Johnny Depp.  Cameo.  21 Jump Street – Movie.  Any questions?