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Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Separated?! This Is NOT A Blind Item!

via Getty Images (Gregg DeGuire)
via Getty Images (Gregg DeGuire)


Nick Cannon has confirmed that he and his wife, singer Mariah Carey, are DEFINITELY separated and have been for months. He’s revealed that the two are no longer living together and has been quoted by Yahoo’s The Insider as saying “There is trouble in paradise.” Is divorce in the cards? I’m gonna go with “likely” because, if living apart hasn’t helped their 8 yr. marriage enough to keep quiet on the situation, that must mean they’re heading towards the next step. The one involving lawyers.

Nick denies any cheating rumors on either party’s part though there’s been no statement yet from Mariah’s camp. Should said divorce actually happen, let’s hope it’s fairly cheap by Hollywood’s standards; neither Nick nor Mariah have had positive upswings in their careers of late.

Ryan Seacrest and Nick Cannon Weigh In On ‘Idol’ Drama

This won’t end well…

Things got heated between new ‘American Idol‘ judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj at an audition for the show, leaving folks wondering if they could survive each other long enough to make it to the live rounds. After Minaj cursed at Carey and then stormed off, the show halted production on Tuesday, but resumed on Wednesday with no reported catfights. Host Ryan Seacrest addressed the argument on his radio show Wednesday morning:

“There was a very heated, intense argument towards the end of the day after a contestant did a little bit of a performance in the room. Keith [Urban] was sitting there, Randy [Jackson] was sitting there. Of course, Nicki and Mariah both there. I was outside. I was outside with the contestant’s family at the time. Both of these judges, as I have said before, come with different perspective.

And, so, yeah, it was heated. It did go too far, to the point where the producers said with just a few more contestants left, ‘Let’s call it a day.’ And, [they] called a ‘wrap’. So, today [October 3] is a second day of auditions in Charlotte, with that panel. And when you look at what the producers and Fox put together for this season, both of them, all of them, the four of them are essential components to what makes up the entire sum of the panel and provides that different perspective and that interesting point of view.

Nicki’s got a specific perspective about what’s playing and hot on the chart right now. Mariah has got that iconic experience and that legend status, being one of the greatest singers alive. And, of course, Keith and Randy provide their different perspective. But, you know when you put Nicki and Mariah and Keith and Randy together that you’re going to have different opinions, which is fantastic.”

Mariah’s husband, and father to Dem Babies,  Nick Cannon said that his wife has already moved on from the situation.

I always say my wife is the strongest, classiest women that I’ve ever met in any situation. I’m never concerned about her handling herself,” he told E! News today at a STOMP Out Bullying event  in Los Angeles. He also said,

My wife’s not moved by the theatrics or pageantry. She’s just there to do her job and help young people on this show that we’ve all grown to love.”

Well, we know that first part is a lie, Nick.

Some people think this was publicity for the show. Nicki seemed genuinely pissed with Mimi, and Keith seemed genuinely scared. I don’t think they would argue with each other for a quick headline, but they do need the hype for the show when you have ‘The Voice‘ pulling in big numbers with ‘The X Factor‘ not far behind.

Mariah and Nick Show Off Dem Babies!

Mariah and Nick and Dem BABIES!

We finally got a look at Mariah and Nick‘s 6-month old twins Monroe and Moroccan on ABC’s 20/20. Talking with Barbara Walters, the couple revealed how difficult Carey’s pregnancy was, including false labors and lots of medication. Roe and Roc came into the world with applause while a live version of Mariah’s hit “Fantasy” played on the radio in the hospital room.


Monroe was named after Marilyn Monroe (Mariah bought Marilyn’s white baby grand piano at auction), and her brother was named after the Moroccan-themed room that Nick proposed to Mariah in (remember from Mimi’sCribs” episode?).


Despite their unusual names, the twins are healthy and absolutely cute! You can tell Nick and Mariah have a sense of humor about themselves and their children, they started a website just for the twins called what else, DemBabies.com ! Nick started uploading pictures right after the interview aired on the East Coast.