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Lisa Marie Presley Opens Up about Elvis

Lisa Marie at Graceland by her crib


Lisa Marie Presley is speaking candidly about her superstar father Elvis, who died in 1977, when she was 9.

Now the mother of four children herself, Presley told The Sun newspaper:

It hit home when I turned 42 as that was the age when my father died, and his mum too. I have moments when I wish he had lived to see my children, of course I do. And I speak to my little ones about him. I tell them who he was and we love his music.’

Raised by her mother Priscilla, Lisa Marie talked with The Telegraph about the long shadow her father’s legacy has  cast on her own musical career. She began writing songs at the age of 20 but didn’t release her first CD until over a dozen years later.

Storm and Grace came out earlier this year and many have taken some of the lyrics it contains (“religion so corrupt and running lives“) as proof positive that Presley has broken with The Church of Scientology. For decades, she and her mother were two of the most high profile members of the cult organization.

Presley refuses to talk about religion or her four marriages, which include unions with Michael Jackson and Nic Cage. If she starts singing songs about life with those two, I’ll be the first in line.

Having moved to the English countryside in 2010, with her latest husband and their now four-year old twins in tow, Presley now enjoys a relaxed life, complete with pints at the local pub.

I almost always “root” for the children of superstars and am glad Lisa Marie seems to be flourishing across the pond.

Storm and Grace is currently available for purchase on iTunes.