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Three Ways to Help Your Relationship Survive Football Season


With the NFL regular season only days away, football (American Football) is at the height of its popularity. One of the biggest reasons for this is that women in America are watching football on TV in droves, more than any other sport. So why write this you might say? Perhaps you are one among the swelling ranks of women that are wearing team jerseys and attending games. Shoulder to shoulder with your man you’re screaming at the tv and cursing at the officials when they botch a critical third and short holding call. Awesome sauce!

But you see I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing this for the segment of women out there who do not share their man’s football fandom and are baffled by it. While across the country guys are gearing up in joyful anticipation for what looks to be an exciting five months of football action these gals (the ones I’m writing to) are clinching their teeth and hunkering down for what to them will be five months of sheer torture, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  (And just to be clear I’m not saying there’s something wrong with you for not liking football because there isn’t.) What I am saying is that you can make this time a lot easier on your relationship IF you are willing to take the following things into consideration.

We already know we take this too seriously. So stop trying to get us not to.

The truth of the matter is this is the nature of fandom, in fact the term “fan” is short for fanatic, so if we didn’t go overboard with our love for our sports teams we’d be doing it wrong. Now admittedly some of us take it way further than others. It may not make sense to you why your man insists on making your first born’s middle name Favre, or why he’s showing you a brochure for a Dallas Cowboy vacation package (Google it, they exist). It’s just what fans do. You certainly don’t have to agree with it, but fighting it won’t make it better either.

Once the game is on, don’t ask about the rules or how the scoring works.

This year I’m going to try“, you said to yourself. So, you sat down with your guy, put a beer in his hand and nuzzled up under him on the couch then when the game began, you started asking him questions about the sport he loves, ya know, showing him that you want to take an interest. But instead of bonding with your man and feeling the love it seems like you’ve only pissed him off and although he (probably) won’t say it to you outright, you get the strong sense that he would really appreciate it if you just kept quiet or even worse left him alone.

Now you’re mad for getting emotionally stiff armed and he’s mad because in order to answer your questions, he missed the latest injury report during the last time out. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t worry.  It’s nothing personal and it’s an easy fix. The reason why this happened is because once the game starts your man becomes bonded to the game like one of those face-hugger things from the Alien movies (especially if he has a strong loyalty to a certain team which most of us do, Go Raiders!) and your questions no matter how well intentioned, only interfere with that bond. Show your quizzical interest in the game BEFORE it starts and you may be surprised how much he’ll ramble on about it and who knows, you may actually like what you hear.

If you cant bridge the gap then take advantage of the free time!

If you include football pre-game shows, halftime shows and post game shows on any given Sunday during football season there will be roughly around 10 to 12 hours of football programing on, so instead of sitting at home stewing about how your guy is sitting on his ass dominating the TV, why not take advantage of the free time and go enjoy yourself! Because (as I’m sure you already know by now), as long as he has some food, alcohol, and a clear path to the bathroom you’re pretty much free to do whatever the hell you want without him bothering to notice. Go wine tasting with some friends, get a mani peti, re-read 50 Shades of Grey! Whatever you need to do to get happy! Your man is already in his happy place (well not THE happy place, but you know what I mean) so why not go to yours and enjoy the alone time football has now given you! When the games are over then you can reconvene and do or talk about something you both have in common.


At least THIS isn’t your man, right?

Like I said at the beginning of this, there is nothing wrong with not sharing you man’s interest in football but I have seen more than a few couples relationships go anemic and suffer during football season, because the man won’t budge on his fandom and the woman resents him for it and really to me, that’s just sad…