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Meet Krystal…Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog’



Well, hello there! I’m Krystal the newest contributing writer for Dipped in Cream. I like being raw. Not diet-wise, because I will pretty much put anything in my face — no. I’m emotional. Angry, sad, emphatic, full of rage, manically full of joy. I’m pretty passionate about the things I like and dislike, and I have a lot of opinions, though I don’t often voice them…but I will HERE!



Sometimes I speak before I think, which is where that raw element comes in. If I think that episode of fill in the blank is crap, then I’m gonna say it’s crap. If the ending of that video game that came out last month made me curl up in a ball and weep on my girlfriend’s lap, well – you’re going to know that, too. I like to think that that’s why I pursued psychology; as a way to corral all of those gyrating and twerking and explosive feelings into stanzas and paragraphs. It helped. Unfortunately, I’m just a desk jockey, now — but I still try to use my Hannibal Lecter powers for good (but not food).

But that doesn’t mean that the ending of Bioshock Infinite didn’t make me cry like a little bitch. So when I say, ‘HAAHNNGH, THAT MADE ME CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH,‘ you know it’s real. No shame.

On a calmer note, I want to grow as a person, as a writer, and as a sponge for culture. I’ve avoided contributing to a blog for ages because I wasn’t sure if I could successfully get out all the things I have to say. So please, please… feedback is the thing that makes my little heart tick. Even if you want to tell me to take some Prozac and stop crying like a little bitch, please do. It will make me fist pump to the stars and beyond.

New Contributing Writer For Dipped In Cream – Frenchie!

Frenchie! Dipped in Cream’s Newest Contributing Writer

Hey, everyone! My name is Frenchie and, as you can guess from the title of this post, I’m a new contributing writer for DiC! I’m really excited to take this further step in my online writing with the company of Julia and co., creators of endlessly entertaining media.

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and, that thing people say about us having attitudes? Its all true, just so you know! Knowing the wheres and whathaveyous of celebrities or the entertainment industry at large has always been one of my favorite things; the advent of twitter/tumblr/all social media has made it that much more satisfying and I ALWAYS have something to say about it. Hopefully, my charmingly-sarcastic point of view involving the “industry” and its players has found a home here on DiC. I think so.

Topics I’ll be sure to address here include but are not limited to:

-General “celebs in the city” happenings as they’re constantly underfoot. Like roaches. But ones we actually like. Who doesn’t enjoy running into Norman Reedus at a rave?! *Side note: That was a couple of years ago and the photo came out awful. Norman looked fine; I looked like a hot mess and never shall it see the light of day. Also, I was more invested in the fact the he’s a MacManus brother, holla!

-Red carpet outfit/street wear critiques. Because I’m thisclose to rolling up with a whiteboard and a chair, it is that serious.

-Ruminations on the abject wtf-ery presented on social media.

-Nerdery, more often than not. I get deep into tv shows/movies/books/etc. DEEP. Come down that rabbit hole with me.

I sometimes think that my opinions should be kept to myself. Julia disagrees. Clearly, I trust her judgement! Tally ho!

Twitter is my shepherd, I shall not want: @lafemmeluna

Please Welcome Tiffany, Dipped In Cream’s Newest Intern!

Hey, it’s Tiffany!


I am a Microsoft employee working with game developers and user researchers – Together we quest, searching high and low, for gamers that fit the bill to shape the games of tomorrow. In short… I see you being geeky, and I thank you!

Motherhood:  It didn’t take long to realize my son Camlin, is clever to the core. Mothers of brilliance chronicle and articulate this coming of age in similar shades; typically a glorious genius will insure that there will be an obvious lack of witness in your conquering. It will be you… flying solo, in the thick of preparing the third menu item for lunch that day, with work hanging in the balance. Suddenly that side eyed, cheeky baby babble hits you square. You’ll then submit to wholly knowing, that you’ve been HAD. An omnipotent smile washes over you. Realizing you’ve had a hand in creating a darling soul who amounts to much more than the sum of your parts. And he… Is So Cool.

Happily Unmarried:  To a man with radiant taste in jewelry.

Things I would carry from a fire:  My family, my records, my typewriters. (Queue scene of Pee-wee, making multiple jaw dropping trips into the pet store. “Ssssssnaaaaakes!!“)



In addition, I watch train wreck television, and far too many documentaries. ENJOY!