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Margaret Cho on Chelsea Lately! (Video) Discusses “Asian Adjacent” People.

Margaret Cho...HOT

Margaret Cho was on Chelsea Lately on E! last night and as usual, was awesome.  I love Margaret…always have.  So, during her spot with Chelsea, Margaret hit on a topic I found funny AND educational:  the phenomenon known (now) as “Asian Adjacent” people.  She described this physical observation as those  individuals who just look like they should have some sort of Asian heritage going on–much like my son, Hunter.  I just never knew there was a NAME for this…thanks, Margaret!

via E!:

Awesome Cyndi Lauper impression, too.

So here’s my “Asian Adjacent”  son, Hunter…and so WHAT if I’m posting pictures of my family again? It’s MY BLOG.  I do what I want.

Hunter. In repose. One of my favorite pictures ever...

Felix and Hunter